TWB 19 – Autumn Sets In

Monday we started the week by heading to the book fair at Gideon’s school after dinner. The kids each got to pick out one book. They started by going almost straight for the two books they just ordered. This was a little impressive as there were at least a dozen small bookcases displaying their wares. We did convince them both to get something new though. When we got home we watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates by way of Cecilia’s choice.
Cecilia had us both read her new Barbie a True Princess book.
Gideon brought home another class book. I’m starting to think they make a new book every day. Heather and I split reading it to him.

Tuesday was patent-teacher conferences for Gideon. Grandma Nelson got to hang out with the kiddos for longer than we thought it would take. Also, the cable was out. They did pretty well though. Because the cable was out there were no shows. Because we got back so late it was one story per child. Cecilia had Heather read her a story and I just talked with her briefly. Gideon had yet another class book which Heather and I split reading to him.

Wednesday I got to take Cecilia to her dance class for the first time. Gideon got to stay at Love to Grow on until 5:45 or so. After dinner and a bit of a rough night Gideon picked Jake and the Neverland pirates.
It was another night of repeated readings. Heather got to read both kids et another classroom book from Gideon. I’m pretty sure we’re averaging 2 a week at this point. I got to read a new book about construction and building that Gideon picked up from their book fair. He had a $6 gift certificate from the summer reading program that he got to spend how he wanted. He also picked up two bookmarks, one for his sister, and an eraser shaped like a gamepad.

Thursday was our new small group. That means we got home too late for a show. They also only got one story each due to time. I believe Heather read to both of them and I’m really not sure what she read.

Friday we watched the Huisinga kids. They picked Octonauts for a show. After I left with the kids Heather read to the kids.
Cecilia picked the Berenstain Bears Easter while Gideon wanted part of his new Hotwheels book he got from the book fair.

Saturday we got flu shots as a family. Cecilia didn’t do so well Gideon wasn’t to hip on the idea either, but once it happened he was super proud and no longer afraid. He was asking when he next time he could get a shot was. After church, some time at a park, and three more acts from the semi-finals of America’s got talent Cecilia picked Dora for our night-time show.
Cecilia had mom read her the Tonka sounds books while I read her Gideon’s Ninja Turtles Pizza Party book.
Gideon read Sheep Blast Off with both Heather and I.

Sunday was a bit of a low-key day. We had originally been planning o hit a couple parks. We figured we’d get outside in the morning and afternoon. Then Cecilia didn’t feel good. Neither did Heather. Cecilia we think just got spun around a little too much at the first park. Heather was coming down with something. After starting the finals for America’s Got Talent (we’ll start Amazing Race before Christmas, I’m sure of it) Gideon picked our show. I don’t actually remember what it was.
Cecilia had Heather read her the Ninja Turtles Pizza Party book after which I read her Pirate Fairy.
Gideon was going to have me read his new Machines book, couldn’t find his new Hotwheels book, and ended up with both of us reading Sheep Blast Off again.

Amazon is Back in Minnesota

I used to have an Amazon Affiliates account. I opened it when I started my original blog a decade or so ago. (I think that blog is finally offline.) I never made “real” money off of it. I got some affiliate earnings (small commissions that never change the purchasers price paid) and I had them deposited as credits to the associated amazon account a long time ago. It wasn’t enough to notice.

A little over a year ago the account was cancelled. It wasn’t because I was hardly using it, though that would’ve been understandable. It was an attempt to collect sales tax from retailers such as Amazon by the state legislature. Here’s a Star Tribune story on the event from then. Here’s an opinion piece from earlier this year that somewhat mirrors my own thoughts on the mess when it happened.

Around the time I started Our Agile Journey I sought out a way to have occasional affiliate links on that site.I learned of Amazon affiliate aggregation. Basically, a company creates an affiliate account and then has multiple people creating links for that affiliate account. Each individual persons contributions contribute to a volume goal that ups the affiliate percentage for pay outs. The company organizing it skims a touch off the top. The result is a higher pay-out for smaller blogs that couldn’t get that kind of throughput on their own and a bit of pay for the organizer. While this was initially something I thought I could do, it turns out that members of these affiliate groups need to be qualified individually to participate in the Amazon program.

With Amazon completely out of the picture I looked for more general aggregators and found VigLink. With them I was able to link to Barnes and Noble. Not as good, but still a good think.

Recently, at the beginning of this month actually, Amazon re-opened it’s affiliate program to Minnesota. Likely they are opening a distribution or data center somewhere in the state. Not that important to me honestly. What it does mean is I can start using Amazon Affiliate links again.I am curious as to how affiliate links work with the Amazon Smile program. I always assumed that the Smile program shunted what would otherwise be affiliate earnings to the charity chosen by the purchaser.

Instead of reactivating my Amazon Affiliate account I have decided to have VigLink activate my account for Amazon. I have also decided to start using it here. After all, I make a weekly post with up to 14 book titles and 7 show/movie titles. Each of those could be a link that pays a small percentage back to our family if someone thinks their kids might like the story and click-through to buy it as well. VigLink responds to support inquires pretty fast. I expect that this site will be Amazon approved by the time the next post goes up. Maybe this will help me do a better job of identifying exactly what book the kids are reading?

TWB Ep 18 – Fall Activities Commence

Monday started this year’s MOPS season. Heather decided to continue taking part in the one out in Elk River. We decided that once a month was a good trade-off for the benefits she receives in attending. Cecilia picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates for the nightly show.
Since it was just me I had them each bring one story to our room and they got to hear each others. From Gideon we got The Sailor Dog and from Cecilia we got the Sophia Tea Party book, read as Princess Cecilia and friends again.

Tuesday is Huisinga dinner night this week. No show at home, but Madagascar on the drive.
Also no stories since we stayed a little late and played Nintendo.

Wednesday I actually felt a little bad picking up Gideon. I got there right when it was time for them to go play outside in the playground. Since I was just taking him to play alone at a playground I started wishing we had planned for Heather to get him on the way home from Cecilia’s dance class. Gideon picked Octonauts for a show.
Cecilia picked The Pirate Fairy for a story from Heather and I got to read Hope and Olivers story about camping.
I read Gideon a book from their class while Heather read him his Turtles Pizza Party book.

Thursday I took the kids to a park while Heather got the house ready for a deep cleaning on Friday. Cecilia picked Sophia the First for a show.
I believe Cecilia did another double Sophia Tea Party again.
Gideon had a library day and got a new “level 2″ book. It’ about droids in the Star Wars universe. We both read it to him.

Friday Heather spent time with the kids at a park. We had a bit of a late meal and ended the day with Gideon picking Chuggington.
I’m not sure what Heather read Cecilia but I got to read her Hope and Oliver’s camping trip again.
Gideon seems to have learned from Cecilia and we both read him Sheep Blast Off.

Saturday was the first day of a long weekend. The morning was spent at the corn maze on the Brooklyn Park/Champlin border. The afternoon was spent at the Lexington Fire Station and Church. The nighttime show, after a little more America’s Got Talent, was Jake and the Neverland Pirates courtesy of Cecilia.
Cecilia had me read her Gideon’s Ninja Turtles book I’m not sure what she had Heather read her, but it may have been Sheep Blast Off.
Gideon had me read him the same thing Heather read him, the Ninja Turtles Pizza Party book.

Sunday is the second day of this long weekend. In the morning we went to “our farm” to get our final fall share and some potatoes. It was a rough year for them resulting in even the squash levels being a bit low. Except spaghetti squash. They had lots of that. We also dug potatoes for a bit, and Gideon loved that. On the way home we stopped at White Bear Lake theater for their fall family movie series. We get a total of 6 movies for all of us and I think the total was about $20. This week was The Lego Movie. It got a bit intense for Cecilia near the end, but Gideon really liked it. After our usual watching of America’s Got Talent (still on the first semi-finial, and falling behind on amazing Race) Gideon picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
Cecilia was pretty tired. I ended up reading her Oliver and Hope’s Amazing Adventure after some consternation. I think Heather read her the same thing she read Gideon.
Gideon started with one of the class books they make at Kindergarten read with Heather. I read him his borrowed Droid book.

TWB Ep 17 – New Windows

Monday night was Cecilia’s turn to pick. Gideon had a rough time for a bit when he got home from school, but seemed more or less fine after a little time by himself waiting for dinner. Cecilia picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
Cecilia wanted her current favorite of Richard Scarry from me. I’m pretty sure Heather read her the same.
Gideon had Heather read him The Sailor Dog and then asked me to read him Duck on a Bike. At first he asked me to read The Sailor Dog, but I asked if he was sure since he just had it read to him.

Tuesday the kids took their showers while I finished making dinner since I got home later than normal. Gideon picked Handy Manny.
Cecilia had both Heather and I read her new Sophia the First book. It’s about a tea party.
Gideon started with his new Learning Steps (2) book starring the Ninja Turtles. It was about them leaving the sewers for the first time, saving April, and eating pizza. I’m not sure where his fascination with the Ninja Turtles came from, but it’s there.

Wednesday was a bit of a rough day. Gideon had his worst day in regards to certain stinky problems in a long time. The kids didn’t want to eat their dinner at all, a relatively bland chicken tortilla soup with cheese and sour cream. Cecilia picked Handy Manny for a show.
Cecilia didn’t get a story from Heather. She wanted to borrow Gideon’s new Ninja Turtles book, but he said he wasn’t ready to share it. She threw a fit and wouldn’t pick a different story.
Gideon appears to have gotten Berenstain Bears Easter from Heather and I read him Walter the Baker. When I went to try seeing if Cecilia wanted something he finally told her she could borrow the Ninja Turtles book.

Thursday we tried a new church small group for the first time. As a side effect the kids didn’t get a show, we didn’t get home until 8:15 or so. We did still get stories though.
Cecilia had me read her the new Sophia book. Not sure about what Heather read her, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same.
Gideon had me read him the Berenstain Bears Easter and Heather read him Walter the Baker.
Friday I decided it was too cold and windy to stop at a park on the way home. It ended up being a bit of a slow night. Gideon wanted a Halloween Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Luckily we had two saved.
Cecilia was a bit of a pickle for storytime tonight. It was her Sophia book again, but halfway through she started having me change the names to match her friends from school. Heather had to deal with that the whole time though.
Gideon had his TMNT Pizza Party book from Heather. For me he asked Cecilia if he could borrow her Cupcake Fairy book. She said yes so that’s what I read him.

Saturday we got to see a fire truck at Home Depot when we went for the first Saturday kids workshop. We also managed two short park trips and a sit-down restaurant dinner. Cecilia wanted a Halloween Jake and the Neverland Pirates. (Sound familiar?) No stories tonight though. We got home a little too late.

Sunday was Halloween costume day. Really it wasn’t, but by the end it seemed like it was. 9 Target stores later and we still need to return two bags to the store, but I digress. Gideon has all the components of his Leonardo costume and the last piece of Cecilia’s Elsa costume should get here Wednesday. To cap the night off Gideon picked Octonauts.
Cecilia continued her Princess Sophia story track for Heather, but I got to read Olivia instead.
For Gideon I got the short one today with Gideon’s battle from the very beaten up first bible story book he had. Heather started reading something out of Dr Suess, but Gideon admitted he was falling asleep so they didn’t finish it.

Finally Under 20

It feels like defeat. The number has passed 200. I knew it was coming.

I should probably back up a little here. This summer we took a vacation. I had every intention of spending time on that vacation reading and writing. Specifically I was planning to spend time reading and writing about Agile in various ways. The details aren’t all that important because it didn’t happen. The details of why it didn’t happen are also fairly unimportant. It’s really the aftermath I’m looking at.

The aftermath of over 200 unread posts showing on my news reader. The aftermath of two weeks worth of unread emails from LinkedIn groups, up to 5 a day in some cases. The unread stream on Twitter and Facebook.

The numbers weren’t that large at first. They were smaller, but still pretty big. They also kept getting bigger. This brought feelings of being overwhelmed. It created a negative feedback loop. On an intellectual level I knew there were various solutions to the problem. The most obvious one, information decay.

For Twitter and Facebook information decays extremely fast. For a time I used to try to at least skim every thing that went by on each of these services. Over time my use case has changed and I now accept that I am going to skip a lot of what comes through. I have become OK with that. This was part of getting out of that negative feedback loop. It was only part of it because I had a lot of trouble letting information decay from some of the other sources. There I had to accept relevancy.

I have 224 feeds in my news reader. There is no direct translation between number of feeds and number of articles. Truth is, some feeds can pop out 20 articles in a day and some only deliver 1 on a good month. I had to stop reading things that were only of passing interest and focus on things of real interest. This is hard for me.

I have long been driven to know as much as I can. I internalized early in life that “knowledge is power.” Possibly it was from seeing it on a splash screen in Mortal Kombat. (Though apparently the correct quote was “There is no knowledge that is not power.”) For some reason it stuck, like “all your base are belong to us” stuck for some. Maybe it stuck due to the concept of “grok” from Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land” which I had read the first time some years earlier. In any event, this aspect of me made it hard to let go of certain articles that seemed interesting as ones I would never read. I did it though.

Eventually the number started to come down. The number of new feeds added per month has also finally dropped below 1. When the number finally crossed below 100 I started to think about speed-reading as a way to read more in the time I had. Sometime in the week or two following the Amazon free app of the day was a speed reading trainer so I figured, why not?

I’ve taken an initial test or two for baseline and started to work the “training” part of it. I’m not sure how well it will translate into actual reading of books and on-screen content though. I will likely post an update at some point in the future.

What I do know is that my number is down below 20. (It had been falling steadily before I started to look into speed reading, so that’s not a factor.) I also know that all of those are actually links to podcasts that I am slowly finding time to listen to, and not 1 is to an article for me to read.

TWB Ep 16 – (Insert Clever Subtitle)

Monday the kids didn’t get to visit a park on the way home. Instead they played outside after they got here. Chances are we’re in the last summer-like week of the year. If we’re lucky we’ll get another, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Gideon picked Handy Manny for our after dinner show.
Cecilia had me read her Olivia and then wanted Heather to read her The Sailor Dog.
Gideon wanted both of us to read him The Sailor Dog. Not sure what that was about…

Tuesday I got home pretty late due to a Costco stop, but the Heather and the kids were a little later due to stopping at a park. After baths Cecilia decided they should watch Handy Manny.
Cecilia continued her love of the Richard Scarry book. I read her polite elephant and she told me that Heather read to her from that book as well.
Gideon asked me for Duck on a bike and then had Heather read him Bobcat Bootcamp.

Wednesday was Cecilia’s second dance day. She is definitely liking it. Heather watched this week to get an idea what they are up to. When I asked what she did in dance class she told me she did “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, smash the pancake.” Gideon picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates tonight.
Gideon has a new book from school. This is a “level 4″ book telling the story of Star Wars episodes 1-3. He had Heather start it and I continued it. My guess is that it’ll take us another night or two to finish, and that he will have no other story until it’s done.
Cecilia had me read her the Pirate Fairy book. It came as part of a package from Target where we got the Pirate Fairy movie and book together. I’m not sure what Heather read her before that.

Thursday I messed up on getting dinner ready. I forgot to get the crockpot meal cooking. My backup was burgers/hot dogs fries and salad. This didn’t work so well as Heather and the kids had to come straight home for a little girl who had her first accident in a long time. Of course, she was mad at her mom so Dad had to help her which became Heather making dinner. Annoying, but such is life. When the evening of drama was done Cecilia started with Handy Manny, but agreed on Doc McStuffins when I told her there were no new Handy Mannys.
After the show we had Gideon practice his “Share and Tell” talk with us before stories. First the kids and I pretended to be his class while Heather showed him what to do, then he switched with Heather and presented to us. He did great and I look forward to hearing how it went for him. We continued the Star Wars book after that and it may well finish Friday.
Cecilia had me read her Ollie and ? camping adventure. I’m not sure what Heather read her as I was reading to Gideon at the time.

Friday was date night for Heather and I so I’m not sure what went down. I know they left the Huisinga’s at a time which suggests the didn’t watch a show there. I also know that Rio was in the van for the drive up and that we told Renee how to start it for them for the drive back. For any more details Renee would have to comment, filling in the blanks.

Saturday we went to two separate regional parks with massive play structures. We brought a bit of a picnic lunch so we would be able to pull it off. The kids had a blast but we did have to cut our stay a little short at the second one. The desired outcome of wearing them down was successful, maybe too successful. Gideon was so tired he fought going to church. He did pick Jake and the Neverland Pirates for a show though.
After the show Cecilia continued her current fascination with the Richard Scarry collection book for both Heather and I. The weird part was that she went and got Dr Suess from Gideon’s room first.
Gideon got to finish his Star Wars book. Even in his exhaustion he was pretty excited about that. It doesn’t go back and get replaced until Wednesday. It’ll be interesting to see what he chooses in the meantime.

Sunday is another day that we worked hard to use what is likely the last bit of summer we have coming to us this year. We hit an apple orchard for Honeycrisps followed by Taylor’s Falls. This was a good day that was almost ruined by me remembering a homemade ice cream parlor that wasn’t actually there on the way home. Luckily we made it to another option in a timely enough fashion. Our evening routine winded down with Cecilia and Gideon both picking Handy Manny for a show. (We started early and watched two so Heather could get ready for the week while I ran to get some stuff from the store.)
Cecilia continued her fascination with Richard Scarry.
Gideon started with asking Heather to read the Star Wars book again. Heather instead convinced him to get it in his backpack before so he wouldn’t forget when library day came. I’m not sure what she read him instead, but I read him two stories from his old story bible.

TWB Ep 15 – Another Car Repair

Monday night we dropped the van off at the dealer in Elk River. I know, it’s not close to home anymore. We trust them and they do good work though. We also got Sonic for the drive home.  When we got home Heather wasn’t feeling well but Cecilia really wanted to be with her, so the kids separated for show time. Gideon watched Handy Manny downstairs and Cecilia watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates upstairs.
With Heather practically asleep due to feeling sick the kids each got one story from me. Cecilia picked Pinkalicious Sleepover and Gideon picked the Grinch. I let them hear each others stories.

Tuesday after the Huisinga’s left Cecilia picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
It was a no story night though due to how late it got before the show was started.

Wednesday was a tough one this week. It was Cecilia’s first dance class day. I got Gideon home from the park later than planned, so dinner was delayed. That pushed the whole night back. After late showers Gideon picked Handy Manny.
They had to share reading again, Heather read them the Cars book from the schol library for Cecilia, and then Gideon wanted the same story again from me. Cecilia didn’t like this and went to her room mad, not getting a second story. She did get her pillow pet “fixed” though, so that made her happy. (I replaced it. Last time I fixed it because the broken wire was at the battery box. This time the break is inside the stuffed animal. I could rip the seams and fix the wiring, but repairing the seam after is beyond my abilities.)

Thursday I got home much later than expected. I only beat Heather and the kids by about 10 minutes, and they stopped at a park on the way. After our night, which was a little behind normal, Gideon picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I see now that it was actually Cecilia’s turn. I guess that’s not a big deal though as she did get done with her night routine late.
Cecilia had me read her the Weights and Measures book after heather read her something. Gideon had me start 500 Hats after Heather read him a different one, I think from the Suess book. He didn’t get to hear the whole thing though as after telling him three times to calm down and listen to the story I told him I was done and we would have to try again a different night. That of course led to an unhappy crying boy, but that does occasionally happen with young kids.

Friday I took the Huisinga’s kids home and didn’t see what the show pick was. It was Cecilia, so likely Jake or Doc McStuffins. They didn’t finish in time for any stories from Heather.

Saturday Heather wasn’t doing well. She spent most of the day resting. In the morning that meant the kids and I spent a couple hours at Elm Creek Park for instance. Anyhow, after two park trips and dinner watching America’s Got Talent – part of the first semi-final Gideon picked Handy Manny. (It is worth noting that When Mara started to sing Gideon said “I love this in my heart!”)
Gideon read some of the Tonka books with Heather, and Gideon did some of the reading! I didn’t get so lucky and read 500 Hats.
Cecilia was having trouble getting a story picked and kept just flipping through the Richard Scarry book pointing to pages that were little more than single or dual page collections of word/picture associations. The book has a few stories, but is mostly short other things. I’m not sure what she picked for Heather as I was trying to get through 500 Hats.

Sunday was a better day for Heather, though the kids didn’t move as quickly to get out of the house. Cecilia picked Handy Manny much to Gideon’s delight.
Cecilia had me read Old McDonald to her and Heather got to read Olivia, unless Cecilia changed her mind after I left the room.
Gideon had Scuppers the Sailor Dog ready for me. I’m not sure what Heather got to read him though.

TWB Ep 14 – “Back” to the Routine

Monday night was Grandma Reeds last night here. Cecilia picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates, a favorite around here lately.
Gideon fell asleep with Grandma reading 500 hats. Cecilia had Heather and Grandma read to her.

Tuesday the kids helped Heather bring Grandma Reed to the airport. They started Peter Pan on the way home and we let them finish it with no stories for the night after they got home.

Wednesday we had a fun time getting going in the morning. It will likely be a couple days to get into a rhythm. The kids were slow getting ready for bed, so I picked Chuggington for them.
Gideon borrowed a book from the school library. It was a learning to read book based on the first Cars movie. Heather read it to him, and then Cecilia.
I read Gideon the sleepover story from Cecilia’s new Pinkalicious book. Cecilia wanted Horton Hatches and Egg from Gideon’s blue Dr Seuss book.

Thursday Heather picked since the kids were dragging their feet a little. She picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates for Cecilia, which is what she wanted anyhow.
Cecilia had Heather read her some of the Tonka sound books. Then she had me read her the sleepover story from the Pinkalicious book.
Gideon started with the book from his school for me. Then Hetaher read him, I think, a Berenstain Bears Easter story?

Friday the kids played by themselves most of the night, not with each other. Gideon wanted Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
Story-time was a little different. Heather and I were late getting up to their rooms after the show, but they were up there in near record time. By the time Heather got up there I think they had started fighting about something and made a bit of a mess in her room. By the time I got up there Heather had gotten it into cleanup and split mode, I think. It seems Gideon was trying to borrow a book Cecilia didn’t want him to borrow until after her first story. Anyhow, after we finally got past that Gideon wasn’t picking his story, or listening about getting into bed for a story. He threw a fit and lost his story with me and that upset him so badly he couldn’t stop crying to get a story from Heather. It took around 30-45 minutes for him to calm down and get tired enough to have a little talking and prayer time before bed.
Cecilia was fine after the kids got separated. She had Heather read her a story from Pinkalicious and me read her the City Mouse and Country Mouse from the Richard Scarry collection.

Saturday Cecilia picked Doc McStuffins after they got to spend a chunk of the day playing with some new kids. Our kitchen was a mess as we got the fridge and dishwasher swapped, both with their own quirks in execution.
Cecilia had Heather read from her pickalicious book and I read her nothing because she would not pick. She had more than three chances to pick a book from her room but wouldn’t, so instead she cried a lot about no getting a story from Dad.
Gideon did much better. He got to hear Duck on a Bike from me and a story from Heather as well.

Sunday after spending all day at Grandma and Grandpas so Heather and I could help with some work there the kids got have a dinner of frozen yogurt followed by baths and Gideon picking Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
Cecilia wasn’t quick to pick a story for me, but eventually asked Gideon if she could borrow the Cars book he has from the school library. She then got to hear two from Pinkalicious from Heather. This was Heather’s ploy to keep her from insisting on the Blue Suess book. See, Gideon wanted 500 Hats and Heather convinced him to split it between her and I.

TWB Ep 13 – Birthday week.

Monday was Cecilia’s birthday party day. Thankfully one of her friends from school was able to make it. Most of them were out of town. At the end of the day Gideon choose Chuggington.
Gideon had grandpa read him a story from his story bible and then I got to read him 500 hats! Ok, I wasn’t that excited, but we did read it.
Cecilia had grandma, and maybe Heather, read her the new stories she got for her birthday; Oliver & Hope’s Adventure Under The Stars and Oliver & Hope’s Amusing Adventure.

Tuesday was the day we went to dinner for Grandma’s birthday. We went to Osaka and the kids loved it just as much as before. We went for a short family walk after and before we drove home. Cecilia choose to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
We went with a single story for each of them due to how late it was getting. I don’t remember what they picked though.

Wednesday was Gideon’s first day of school and drop Grandpa at the airport day. We didn’t bring the movies with us, so when we got home Gideon picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
Gideon had Heather read him one of Cecilia’s new Oliver & Hope stories, I think. I read him Baby Dear from the little golden book collection.
I’m not sure who read Cecilia her first story, or what it was. I read her Baby Dear though.

Thursday was Cecilia’s actual birthday. She picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
The kids had Heather and Grandma do all of their stories, so I’m not entirely certain what they had read to them.

Friday Heather and I were treated to a night away. You’d have to check in with Grandma Reed to find out how their night went.

Saturday the kids both started in their new rooms for kids ministry at church. Cecilia picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
Gideon had me read the Oliver and Hope Amusing Adventure story. I think he had something from Cecilia’s new Pinkalicious stories book from Grandma after that.
Cecilia had Heather and Grandma read to her. I think it was probably Pinkalicious and Oliver and Hope, but I’m not sure.

Sunday we had the kids outside most of the day. Days like this are going to be few and far between from here until Spring. When we got home and finished our bedtime routine it was time to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates courtesy of Gideon.
Cecilia continued her time with Grandma and Heather and I continued not getting the low-down on what stories they are reading her.
Gideon had me read to him from the Pinkalicious book after Heather red him a story.

TWB Ep 12 – Grandparents Here There and Everywhere

Monday night Gideon chose Chuggington at first. I told him we didn’t have any new ones with the Chug Patrol (true) and suggested something else, so we ended up watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
I read stories to the kids, but told them they had to be short ones because my throat hurt. Truth be told I was home sick and had a rough day. I don’t remember what I read them, or Heather read them. I think I read Cecilia some of the Tonka sounds books, and Heather also read them to her. Gideon picked something from the big Golden book for me to read, but I’m not sure what Heather read him.

Tuesday was a Huisinga day. We got back here around 7:45 and they started Cecilia’s pick of Little Einsteins about 10 minutes later. It was one with no “wait.” No stories because it was so late and I am still barely recovered.

Wednesday Grandpa Nelson got to hang out with the kids for a bit while Heather and I went to parent night for Kindergarten. Heather appears to be coming down with whatever I had, so she let the kids watch a second show instead of getting stories while I brought Brad home and ran an errand on the way home. Of course, Cecilia was still up when I got home.

Thursday Gideon got to visit his new Kindergarten school. He seems to be getting more nervous about the whole thing as it gets closer, understandably. Cecilia got to hang out with Grandma Nelson while we took Gideon so it could be Gideon’s own special time. After we got home we watched America’s Got Talent a little while we had some pizza with Grandma. Then a Cecilia who came down with a fever picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates for a show.
Gideon heard Caps for sale from Heather and Duck on a Bike from me. Cecilia got the Giraffes Can’t Dance from Gideon’s room instead of the one from hers for Heather and then I read her three of the Tonka letter sound books.

Friday night Gideon choose to watch Chuggington. Of course we had a moment of sadness due to there not being any with Chug Patrol. (Season 4).
Gideon asked me to read Llama Llama Red Pajama. I’m not sure what he had Grandpa read him. Cecilia got a story from Heather and Grandma, but other than knowing she had the Tonka letter sounds at some point I’m not sure what she had.

Saturday was our second fair day this year. This is the second year that Heather’s parents have joined us for it and I think they enjoyed it. It was a little more stressful this year than last I think, but we did alright when all is said and done. We watched part of Sid the Science Kid in the car and finished it at home right before bed. No stories or other shows or “waits” tonight. It was late.

Sunday we weren’t sure Cecilia would be joining us. She had a rough dinner time and cried herself to an exhausted sleep at 5:30. She did end up waking up a little over an hour later to eat and pick Doc McStuffins.
Stories were short today, only one because it was so late. Cecilia had Grandpa read something to her and Gideon had me and Grandpa split reading the story of the serpent from his story bible.