TWB Ep10 – Prepping for Fall

Monday was dinner with the Huisinga family. We left a little after 7. I was trying for 7. I told them we could do either a show or stories, but only if we finished our charts. They both did a fairly good job of getting their charts done and decided to finish the Winnie the Pooh movie they had been watching while we drove to Elk River and back.

Tuesday was technically Cecilia’s turn to pick since Monday didn’t really count. However she didn’t get her nighttime routine done in time, so Gideon picked Chuggington.
I read Gideon 500 hats while Heather read him The Little Penguin.
Cecilia asked Heather for The Pirate Fairy and after I almost walked out for lack of her choosing she finally asked for Mulberry Street.

Wednesday, what did we do Wednesday. We got home later than hoped for. Gideon’s class had a short play for parents which e followed up with taking him to lunch. As a result we both worked a little late, and then due to traffic and talking with teachers everyone wasn’t home until around 6. We watched Doc McStuffins per Cecilia, I think.
We have managed to get them to continue staying in their separate rooms for stories. That said, I’m not sure what the stories were. (It’s now Saturday morning.)

Thursday was a special family day in the evening. I got out of work on time instead of early so I didn’t get the kids to her work until the event was underway. It was an open house, so not too big a deal. The kids got to see some of the devices and Heather’s desk. I think they were more excited about the bouncy castle and kid focused midway style games though. We barely got to the food part in time and left there at almost 7. Upon getting home Gideon picked Chuggington for a show.
Short stories were the name of the game. I read Gideon a couple of the Tonka word sound books. I believe Heather did as well.
Cecilia got a story from the Richard Scarry collection from me. I think the same was true for Heather.

Friday we watched the Huisinga kids so they could have a date night. After dinner we loaded them all up and went to a park about 10 minutes away, and on the way back towards Elk River. This was a good idea. The house stayed picked up and the kids got to burn off more energy then they could have at our place.
When we do this I bring the Huisinga kids home partially because their uncle lives there and is likely to be around and partially because I’m the night person and less bothered by driving around at 10PM. I heard that the kids watched a show, but not what it was. I did hear Gideon picked it. They must have had stories as well because they got to bed a little later than expected. Of course, we were at the park until a little later than expected as well.
Saturday was a longish day. The morning was a struggle and dinner was tough. Cecilia picked Doc McStuffins.
Gideon wanted me to read The Grinch and fell asleep while Heather read Mulberry street.
Cecilia had Heather read some of the Tonka sound books. She wanted to get one of the Seuss stories so badly we waited for Gideon to be done and then read Gertrude McFuzz.
Sunday we had a fun day. Haircuts, grandma & grandpa Nelson, Chuck E Cheese for games & Papa Murphy for dinner. We watched a little America’s Got Talent as a family and then Gideon picked Chuggington.
Cecilia wanted Heather to read Olivia, which she then got to read to Gideon. I read Gideon Monkey Truck since it needed to go back to the library soon and then read Cecilia Gertrude McFuzz again.

TWB Ep9 – Dialing Back the Schedule

Cecilia - Lions Park Drinking FountainMonday started the last week of T-ball. It was scheduled to be done last week but due to weather it was extended. Cecilia had a tough time with Gideon not getting a snack. In her world Gideon and his teammates get a snack after T-Ball. It not happening got her quite upset and things went downhill from there. She lost her show and her story from Heather. Gideon watched Octonauts.
For stories Gideon had Heather read The Grinch and then fell asleep while I was reading him The Lorax.
As part of calming Cecilia I told her I could still read to her if we could get ready for bed. A warm washcloth infused with Lavender helped her calm down and feel better. We read four of the Tonka themed letter sound books this time.

Tuesday Cecilia picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates since we haven’t had a new Sheriff Callie in awhile.
They both shared stories, from me this time. Heather was watching Twirl so I told them I would read to them. Cecilia picked a couple of the Tonka word sound books she’s been into lately. Gideon picked 500 hats.
Mom ended getting to read Walter the Baker to Gideon and something about Feeding Hilda the Elephant from her Golden book compilation.

Wednesday Gideon picked Octonauts again. This was after the last day of T-ball. We brought treas and things went much more smoothly this time. Cecilia was still not to good at getting in the car and buckled, that seems to be her thing lately.
For story time they shared stories from Heather again. When she was done I read them Walter the Baker.

Thursday Cecilia picked Doc McStuffins. Kind of. She was running behind getting down from bath time and almost missed the beginning.
Gideon asked Heather to read 500 Hats today. And he didn’t even ask for it a second time! Cecilia kind of listened to that story, and then asked me to read Whisper In My Ear, or something like that, from the big Golden book. Gideon asked for Santa Duck. They listened to them together.

Friday Gideon picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
For story time I read them Horton Hatches an Egg followed by Cecilia picking Gertrude McFuzz.
When Heather got home the kids were still up and she read Gideon two of the Tonka letter sound books and Cecilia was up playing and waiting to get Llama Llama Mad at Momma after Ho Ho Tucker.

Saturday the kids did a pretty good job helping to clean the house in the morning. After church Cecilia wanted Doc McStuffins. We only had two short ones instead of the usual single double feature, but that was OK.
Cecilia tried to come into Gideon’s room and started going through his stuff, threatening to undo the cleaning we worked so hard on. It caused problems, but I kicked her out. She eventually settled down and had Heather read Mulberry street followed by me reading her Horton Hatched an Egg.
Gideon had me read Yertle the Turtle followed by Heather reading him Mulberry Street.

Sunday the kids each got some time with just one parent. Heather took Gideon to the Children’s Museum while Cecilia and I went to a new to us park, Lion’s park in Coon Rapids. The kids got to choose their activity, and then after individual lunches we met up at Coon Rapids Showplace to see the new Planes movie. It wasn’t available anywhere in the area in 3D still, so it was the regular rendition. After some family America’s got talent time (We’re still watching Judgement week. Yep, that far behind.) Gideon picked Chuggington for a change of pace.
Story time saw Heather reading Pirate Fairy to both kids while I read Gideon Grinch Stole Christmas and Cecilia Horton Hatches an Egg.

TWB Ep8 – Airventure

I didn’t manage to keep up this week, so I’m doing my best on Thursday to fill in the gaps.

Monday was another T-ball day. We pushed the kids to get out fast enough to play before the game, but that didn’t work so well. They got 5 minutes. When they got home I think Gideon picked Sheriff Callie.
The kids continued their story sharing pattern with short stories from the Richard Scarry book.

Tuesday. Here it is, Friday night. I think Cecilia picked Sheriff Callie, but that might just be because they’ve watched it so much lately. Reading? I know we had stories, but don’t know what they were. At least one wasn’t the Richard Scarry book though.

Wednesday I’m not really sure what happened. I went to get the pop-up we rented as soon as we got back from T-ball. All three other people were asleep when I got back after a stop at the store for last-minute supplies. I do believe they were watching Sheriff Callie as I left.

Thursday was a driving day. On the drive (5 hours) Gideon picked Robots and Cecilia picked Rio. Gideon fell asleep for an hour or so after we picked up dinner. Due to leaving time and stops families with preschoolers must make (and gas guzzlers, towing really kills the mileage) we got to the campground around 9. The kids were happy to “help” get the camper set up. Around 10 we were trying to get them to calm down and sleep. Around 11:15 or so I went to make sure I had the wi-fi password and the kids were still fighting to be awake. When I got back they were out. No stories. I tried at one point to just tell one to Cecilia, but she got mad and said I needed one with pages and that it was too dark.

Friday we met up with Heathers cousin at Airventure. This was not planned. In fact the accidental hookup was about 30 seconds from not happening at all. It was great to hang out with him and hear about what he’s been up to the last few years. Gideon loved hearing all about the different airplanes from him. (He’s an actual aircraft mechanic and knows much more about them than I do.) I think Cecilia did too, but then she decided to spend most of the morning in lines. Seriously. This almost four year old spent over an hour in a line to see a C-17 flight deck. Poor Heather didn’t get to see much outside of that line in the morning. In any event, we returned to the campsite around the time the Thuderbirds started their practice. After a wonderful spaghetti dinner we watched Epic as a family, Heathers choice. No stories – but they did go through their books while dinner was being prepped. (And a small rain shower passed through.) To avoid the mess of the previous night as soon as they were both in a bed spot and relatively quiet I went for a short walk. Everyone was asleep by the time I got back. (All 3.)

Saturday was the big day. I made the executive decision to pony up the cost of the EAA Aviators Club for the day back during initial planning. Sitting here Sunday night I can safely say that it is essentially buying a first class lounge pass for the day and ended up being worth it this time. Tasty catered breakfast, lunch and dinner (dinner on night airshow days only) along with a fenced in outdoor seating area on the flight line and a nice indoor air conditioned room with free club only wi-fi. Oh yeah, free ice cream, drinks, sodas, and bottled water all day and various swag throughout as well. The free bag we got was a nice one too, none of this state fair reusable 10 times stuff there. I digress though, this is supposed to be specifically about bedtime. I know we would’ve made it work without, but having the pass to that place made the airshows so much nicer to deal with. It was Cecilia’s turn to fall asleep during fireworks as she fell asleep during the night airshow. (She would’ve loved the helicopter.) She did wake up before it ended. No show or stories, just the night airshow and drive back. Gideon asked me when I would take my walk as they were settling into their sleeping bags. So I took a walk and they were all asleep a few minutes later when I got back.

Sunday we got home around 5. We let the kids watch movies pretty much the whole drive back. Cecilia took a nap but we were all still pretty beat by the time we got here. Except then the kids played in the driveway 30 minutes while we unpacked. Cecilia picked Sheriff Callie. We haven’t gotten new ones lately so they’ll probably switch shows soon.
They shared stories out of Richard Scarry for Heather and then I read a couple letter sound books with a construction vehicle theme and Gideon picked The Boy and The Tigers for another shared time.

TWB Ep7 – Tired Kids

Monday was T-ball. Gideon didn’t want to go, but we couldn’t get a good reason from him. We also know he has fun when he does go. We finally got him to agree to going by promising he wouldn’t have to choose a story or a show, but could get both. It was his turn to pick. He chose .
For stories Cecilia picked the airplanes for mom and had me read “Pip Pip Goes to London” from Richard Scarry’s Stories.
Gideon picked the two stories from his new Bible.

Tuesday we had a home night. Mom and the kids went across to the pool and swam while I made had a late inspiration for dinner. Don’t get me wrong, the maple bacon-wrapped dijon salmon was good if slightly overdone. It just should’ve been eaten around 6:30 instead of 7. For our dinner show Cecilia picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
For whatever reason the kids decided to share their stories. I think it’s because mom told them she only had time to read one so they had to. In any event she read them “Little Penguin” while I read them “Giraffe’s Can’t Dance.”
Apparently I should’ve read another for Cecilia though, she was in our room about an hour later, still wide awake.

Gideon had T-ball Wednesday. He did a great job after we all got there early so he could play on the playground some. When we got home both kids were ready for a show in record time and Gideon picked Sheriff Callie’s Wild West.
Gideon had the Richard Scarry book again. I read him The Polite Elephant and mom read him Pip Pip goes to London.
Cecilia had a rough night. She listened in to mom reading to Gideon after throwing a fit about getting a story from me first. After she apologized to mom I read her Llama Llama Mad at Momma.

Thursday was eye doctor day. When we got home we let the kids pick a show and Cecilia decided on Sheriff Callie’s Wild West. We decided not to read stories because it was very late.

Friday after Huisinga friends left Gideon picked Sheriff Callie’s Wild West.
With mom out reading was shared stories, first Gideon picked Pierre the Paris Policeman from Richard Scarry while Cecilia picked Mulberry Street from Seuss.

Saturday. Saturday could get it’s own post. The short version? A one hour trip to Springbrook Nature Center turned into a 4 or 5 hour stay with picnic lunch. After the brand new (to us) movie Epic, watched by the river on a laptop, Gideon managed to sleep through the finale of the 75th anniversary Aquatennial fireworks. Cecilia was only limited in her dance moves to the fireworks by the requirement that my hands stayed on her ears. (Her requirement, not mine.) No stories, just bed back home.

Sunday Gideon fell asleep on the living room floor while we were having family dinner and show time. (America’s Got Talent of course!) It was Cecilia’s turn to pick anyhow. She picked Sheriff Callie.
Cecilia decided to “read” Jingle Bells to herself for Daddy’s story. So after she told me to leave I walked away while she sang the corus as she looked through the book. Continuing the Christmas theme for the evening she had mom read Ho Ho Tucker.

TWB Ep6 – Home, Home At Last

Monday Cecilia picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates after an evening of rained out T-Ball and walking around the neighborhood instead.
Cecilia just wanted to listen to Gideon’s stories today. They started with Mom reading “And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street.” After that Gideon wanted Dad to read 500 hats.

Tuesday Gideon went to Feed My Starving Children with Mom and Dad while Cecilia got to play with Grandma and Grandpa at home.This made for a long night. In fact,, Gideon wanted to go home and go to bed right as we started at FMSC. We were able to get him to stay and he woke up some. Enough that when we got home he picked watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates over getting stories.

Wednesday Gideon fell asleep on the couch after school before dinner. It took some serious effort, but we got him woken up. He decided to go to bed early instead of going to T-Ball. He watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates while Cecilia took a bath. Cecilia got to watch “” after her bath.
Cecilia picked There’s No Place Like Space for Mom and Dad read her Giraffe’s Can’t Dance. (With a little break for an accidental head bump when she fell off Dad.)
Gideon started with 500 Hats from Dad, but a couple pages in changed his mind. Instead of reading most of it we changed to The Sailor Dog. Mom read him two stories from his new Bible.

Thursday was Mom’s softball day. Since we got back so late and they had been told they would get a show we offered a choice between a show and story. Of course they picked a show and Cecilia wanted Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Friday was an evening of fun with the Huisinga’s. They watched Rio on the way to Elk River and back. Getting back wasn’t until around 9 so it was straight to bed. Except Cecilia. After almost 20 straight minutes of hysterics that could not be calmed (I want Mommy!) Dad brought her to Mom and Dads room for an episode of Doc McStuffins. That calmed her down, but she was still awake when Mom came home at 10:15 and checked on her!

Saturday after a little bit of family time watching America’s Got Talent Gideon picked Bob the Builder. That meant Amazon Prime and trying to find one that was 45 minutes instead of 60.
Cecilia had to stories from her new Bible, one each from Dad then Mom.
Gideon also had to stories from his new Bible, one each from Mom then Dad.

Sunday Cecilia picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates as she tried hard to stay awake.Both kids wanted stories from the Richard Scarry story book tonight. Cecilia also had Mom read something else, but I’m not sure what as I forgot to ask.

TWB Ep5 – Calming Down

Monday was a drive night. We left late and the show was an agreed upon movie by both kiddos, Madagascar.

Tuesday Gideon picked Bob the Builder. At Grandma’s and Grandpa’s that means three short episodes.

Wednesday Cecilia picked Bob the Builder as well. Hopefully they choose something else the next day as we might be out of new episodes.

Thursday night saw Gideon’s fever apparently gone. We’ll check again tomorrow as it had us fooled in the morning as well but was back for the afternoon. In his feeling better state he picked Octonauts.

Friday was a driving day. The fever never seemed to come back, but we watched multiple movies after car games until our midnight check-in 50 miles further down the road then we hoped, and likely 80-100 more than we should have tried for.

Saturday. Finally back home. Cecilia picked Doc McStuffins.
Cecilia had Dad read The Going to Bed Book followed by The Robot Book. Then we had a melt down.
Gideon had Mom read The Grinch. Before Dad read we got the splinter out of his foot. He did great having Mom hold and talk to him while Dad dug it out in three pieces. Then he fell asleep during 500 Hats.

Sunday Gideon picked Octonauts after we watched America’s Got Talent as a family for a bit first.
Cecilia didn’t want a story from Dad. She was overly tired. Mom tried reading Baby Colors, but again – Cecilia was too tired for anything to really work.
Gideon had Mom start with The Lorax and then finished with 500 Hats from Dad.

TWB Ep4 – Schedule, what Schedule?

Monday you’ll need to check with Grandma and Grandpa Reed. It sounds like there was a story, and maybe even a movie.

Tuesday there was no show. No stories either. That was OK though. Instead we cheered grandma on as she finished her month long fitness challenge. Oh, and we were in a pop-up camper with no electricity.

Wednesday was another no show no story day. It was also another night in the pop-up.

Thursday we were at Great-Grandma’s house. Cousin Jocelyn didn’t want to choose so Gideon got to choose Jake & the Neverland Pirates.
We let Cecilia sleep in the same room as cousin. We told her if she didn’t try sleeping she would have to come to Mom and Dad. Rumor is we maybe should have brought her down.
Since Cecilia had her special event going on, Gideon got to watch a special him and dad show – How It’s Made. (One of his favorites.)

Friday we didn’t watch shows. We watched fireworks! The kids did amazing. Gideon had to go to the bathroom but held it until we got home. Both kids fell right back asleep when moved from the car to sleeping bags.

Saturday Cecilia didn’t get to watch a show. She went to a wedding shower instead. Gideon watched Caillou, some puppet singing show, and fell asleep during Thomas and Friends. (The puppet show was only 10 minutes or so long.)

Sunday Cecilia just wanted to keep on the Disney Junior show that was on. Since Little Einsteins was half over I let them also watch Henry Hugglemonster.

TWB Ep3 – T-Ball in Full Swing.

Monday Gideon picked Chuggington. They didn’t get to see the wait due to T-Ball.
Cecilia listened to Dad read “The City Mouse and the Country Mouse” after Mom read her “Colors.”
Gideon got to hear Mom first when she read “Pokey Little Puppy.” The next story he had was “How the Turtle Got It’s Shell.”

Tuesday Cecilia picked Jake & the Neverland Pirates.
Cecilia wanted Dad to read “The Boy and the Tigers” while mom got to read “There’s No Place Like Space.”
Gideon almost didn’t get two stories because of his actions towards Mom, but after Dad read Grinch he listened to Mom read “.”

Wednesday was T-ball and picking up the new laptop from UPS after. They watched Clifford puppy short movies in the car as their show.
Cecilia heard Dad read “Ho Ho Tucker” after Mom read “The Wonderful House.”
Gideon let dad read “Llama Llama Red Pajama” while he also looked at some star charts in his telescope manual before Mom read “There’s No Place Like Space.”

Thursday we had dinner at Gideon’s school because it was the last day of the VBS they join. For a show Cecilia picked Jake & the Neverland Pirates.
In the craziness of the night the books they had for bedtime have been lost to me. :(

Friday was a travel day. The stories and shows watched throughout the night are numerous.

Saturday was another travel day, but it ended at a destination. Gideon wanted Bob the Builder. It was late after a long day so they each got to pick one story and both listened to both of them.
Cecilia picked “Wizard of Oz” and asked Grandma to read. That didn’t last when we told her she would want to read it every night because it would take a whole week. Instead she picked “Over in the Meadow.” Gideon picked “If You Give a Pig a Pancake” for Dad to read.

You’ll have to ask Grandma and Grandpa about Sunday. Maybe I’ll find out and be able to fill in later.

Weekly Writing Commitments

Every Tuesday I post to

Every Sunday night I post the next TWB.

To accomplish the weekly posting at my other site I should be writing at a rate of 1.5 posts per week. I should be spending some time on it every night or two such that I always have at least one post ready to go and one partially complete, but preferably more so in each state than that. Right now I have three partial posts and none ready to go. Tomorrow. But I will either make one of the partials ready or create a whole new one by tomorrow.

The weekly posting here is a little different. All that I require of myself is to create a list of items. The beauty of this particular weekly post series is that it really requires no research to write for. (Unless you count verifying stories read by Heather as research.) What it does require (for me) is to write every night. I can’t remember by the end of the week what was watched/read earlier in the week. (Excepting 500 Hats. I think I might hot-key that title to save writing time…)

One thing I was hoping would happen by adding this second weekly post commitment is that I would write more. It would help establish a habit. That part is working. What’s more, as I write each nightly entry I am wanting to write more than a simple list. This is exactly what I was hoping to see happen.

The new goal is to nurture this and allow the nightly writing to grow. I would like to see it grow from extra details around the day & lists to writing more posts for both blogs. That is the next step. I have some ideas of the steps after that, but I’m not quite ready to share them yet.

This Weeks Bedtime (TWB) Ep 2

Monday Gideon picked Jake & the Neverland Pirates. Cecilia didn’t get to watch because, well, let’s just say she had a rough night.
Cecilia had Mom read Words. Dad had already spent a long time trying to calm he down by then and didn’t read her a story.
Gideon had Mom read 500 Hats and Dad read Grinch Stole Christmas.

Tuesday Cecilia picked Jake & the Neverland Pirates.
Cecilia had Mom read “” while Dad read “No Place Like Space.”
Gideon asked Dad to read Grinch, but was kidding. Dad ended up reading 500 Hats and Mom read Grinch.

Wednesday was T-Ball for Gideon. After that we had to run the van to the shop for work on Thursday. Due to this we had showtime and books decided by Dad.
For a show we had Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks while driving to the dealer. (About half of the DVD.)
For books we had “Clifford the Firehouse Dog” and “Santa duck” on the way home.

Thursday Mom’s softball game got rained out. We decided to have Mom do grocery shopping at bedtime instead. Gideon had some “issues,” not the get in trouble kind though. Dad decided to split the bedtime routine.
Cecilia got to watch Sophia the First followed by reading “The Sailor Dog.”
Gideon watched Sheriff Callie’s Wild West and then heard “Splat the Cat on With the Show.”
When Mom got home she read Cecilia “Words” and Gideon “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.”

Friday we watched Turbo Dogs while hanging out at the Huisinga’s. Gideon and Cecilia watched part of Frozen on the way home. (They always call it “Disney Frozen.”) Mom gave that ride to them. Dad stayed behind and read A phonic’s Hello Kitty story to Lydia, Alladin to Lydia and Isiah, and a story about cows typing to Lydia.

Saturday Gideon picked Jake & the Neverland Pirates.
Cecilia wanted mom to read “How the Turtle Got It’s Shell.” Dad was asked to read “Under My Hood I Have A Hat.”
Gideon picked 500 Hats. Mom got to read “Double Play! Monkeying Around With Addition.” This is a book Gideon picked up from the library when his class went earlier in the week.

Sunday Cecilia picked Jake & the Neverland Pirates.
Cecilia asked Mom to read “Color Kittens” while Dad read “Weights & Measures.”
Gideon got 500 Hats from Dad and asked mom to read “The Lorax.” He told Dad Mom would be reading “How the Grinch Stole Christmas..”