TWB 57 – The last month in July.

Monday I didn’t have a ton going on. I spent the day mostly catching up on my backlog of emails from the previous few days. The weather wasn’t very good and the kids spent most of the day playing together in the garage. We did do some “Mommy and Daddy time” with the kids in the evening which we felt they really needed. Cecilia picked Dora for a show, and then we read nightime stories.
I read to Gideon from his big book of Planes. Cecilia cried herself to sleep before I had a chance to read to her.

Tuesday I had an interview in the afternoon but spent some time in the morning playing with the kids. Gideon was bummed that we didn’t have another day of Mommy and Daddy time, but I think he understood somewhat why not. Him and his sister did get to spend the afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa, so I hope it balanced OK. Gideon picked Kate and Mim-Mim. I think because he wanted to see the “wait” based on the picture in the on screen tv guide.
Gideon had me continue in his big plane book. Cecilia had me read her The Three Bears from the Golden Book Collection.

Wednesday Heather took the day off and we tried working on some errands that needed to be done during the business day. The kids spent the day being taken care of by their grandparents. Apparently they tried two new parks. We discovered missing paperwork that might become a big headache. We also got back late, mobile phone stores take so long these days. Cecilia picked Paw Patrol after dinner and a short walk in the rain.
Gideon and I finished his Big Book of Planes with a very outdated section on Space. Heather read him Under My Hat from what I could tell.
Cecilia had me read her The Littlest Snowflake. I’m not sure what Heather read her.

Thursday Heather was back to work, with an important early morning meeting. It was also the first day the kids were up before 7:30 in a while. I kept them up watching a couple shows until her meetings were done, and then we had a largely inside day. Gideon picked Paw Patrol for a show.
I read Gideon a Fly Guy book. I’m not sure what Heather read him.
Cecilia had a meltdown and ended up with no stories and crying herself to exhaustion and sleep after 45 minutes of being inconsolable. I believe it started with not getting a red sour gummy when she asked for one in addition to her snack.

Friday I had a nagging feeling it was Thursday most of the day. I took the kids to a park for the morning and our final pieces of furniture arrived in the afternoon. The kids were troopers and spent a long time at Target doing relatively boring shopping as we tried to get the last bits of what we need for the house. I believe at this point we’re down to a fridge and lawn mower, not necessarily in that order. We got home very late and neither of the kids even asked about a show. I read Gideon a Fly Guy book, Cecilia Olivia, and know Heather read to them as well.

Saturday we tried working on the house and also spending time one on one with the kids. We didn’t get far on the house, and we played with the kids some. It’s probably a win in all honesty. Heather read stories to the kids before running some errands at the end of the night. Cecilia picked Super Planes or something like that.
I read Gideon There’s No Place Like Space and Cecilia If You Give a Pig a Pancake.

Sunday the morning started with Heather trying the new battery powered mower to see if we would keep it. I’m the driving force on that one, first the yard tools, then the mower. Hopefully the next vehicle as well. We took the kids to see Inside Out. I was partially hoping it would help Gideon with any feelings he’s been having about the move. It is easily a Pixar great and I look forward to getting it on Blu Ray, preferably 3D. After a dinner at the park Gideon chose to watch Super Planes.
I read him The Little Penguin before reading Cecilia Courderoys Pocket.

TWB 56 – You’re an Elevator!

Monday Heather was working from our temporary home while I spent time working on insurance and interviews. The kids got to spend time with their uncle Jon and everyone seemed to survive just fine. Heather and I missed the bedtime routine due to our unusually high rate of voice usage on the 10-year-old cell phone plan we have. It prompted a near-emergency trip to a Verizon store where we upgraded our plan. That’s right. We finally have texting on our phone plan! What’s more, we’ve decided we may as well go ahead and upgrade from classic phones to smart phones as we’ve known it would become almost necessary eventually for quite a while.

Tuesday I spent a good deal of the day away. The kids seemed to be mostly OK in the morning. I hear they got to spend some time outside in the kiddie pool after helping to fill it. At nighttime Gideon picked to watch Special Agent Oso. They didn’t get stories as it was much too late.

Wednesday I had a long afternoon. Ok, it wasn’t really that long. The morning I hung with the kids a bit but couldn’t play as much as I might have since I was prepped for an afternoon interview. That interview was 3 hours long, but didn’t really feel it. I got back in time to eat and see Cecilia pick Special Agent Oso before bed.

Thursday I left for a morning interview very early in the day. It was also the day our stuff was due to arrive at the new place. This had a level of potential complication due to schedules and locations that I won’t get into. Suffice to say I really don’t know much of how the day went as I was at the rental most of the day and evening for the delivery. I was back at Heathers parents after pretty much everyone else was asleep.

Friday was our first day at the new house. The kids were excited and Heather had family helping us get unpacked.We made great progress, and even had a wonderful gift of getting our lawn mowed. We still had a lot to do by then end of the day, but we were able to stay there and sleep in our new place, with the kids in their almost done new rooms. Of course, first we had a late dinner out at Red Robin during which Gideon decided it was Freedom (Fri)day. This meant all the prisoners should be let go so they could get ready for the fireworks on the fourth of July. At the end of the day Cecilia chose to watch Doc McStuffins before a very late bedtime.

Saturday was July 4th. We started the day slowly. We got grocery shopping done, but that was pretty much all. We had a family gathering for the fourth that allowed the kids to play with their cousin. (Technically 2nd cousin, I think.) Gideon was wondering about fireworks and we found some at basically the last-minute. We visited the town of Parker for fireworks. The show was good, we managed to move our car to a great spot such that we watched from there instead of the park itself. Also, getting out? I have never gotten out of an event so easily before. Hat’s off to the town, police force, and volunteers involved in directing traffic out of there. From our perspective it was amazing. We had the kids watch Paddington in the car on the way home because it was so late.

Sunday everyone but Heather managed to sleep in. It’s just something she isn’t good at. Heather’s family came over to help us continue to make progress on the house. We made some. At this point the kids bedrooms and ours are close to done. The bathrooms are next, the office/loft is barely touched. The living room/dining room/kitchen area is doing well. The basement is roughly organized. The garage hasn’t really been touched. The front room is a mess. The kids are getting tired of just having each other and want to play with their parents. I’ll have to put job stuff and house stuff on hold for some time tomorrow to spend with them. They did get to watch Miles From Tomorrowland, Gideon’s choice, on the big TV today. Now if I could just get the sound from the woofer and surrounds working right.
Gideon had me read to him from the Big Book of Airplanes. I’m not sure what Heather read him.
Cecilia had a rough night. When she finally calmed down Heather did read her a story, but I don’t know what. I read her Georgia the Gingerbread Fairy.

TWB 54 – Holy Moly Macaroni

Monday Gideon had a game again. The season actually runs basically right up until when we leave. We were very rushed to get there but everything worked out just fine. There was no show, which was a tragedy for Cecilia that she got over.
Gideon continued his Fly Guy trend. I think he keeps picking them because he can read them to us.
Cecilia had me read When is Spring to her, and I’m not sure what Heather ended up reading.

Tuesday we visited my Grandma for the last time before we head out. We watched UP in the car and didn’t get stories. We did let them finish the movie in the house though, it was really close to done.

Wednesday Gideon had a game that evaded the rain. The field they were on was in the best shape of the three at the park. We had been worried about it getting rained out as we had little time for make-up games on the other side of the season. As usual after a game there was no show for the kids. There may have been stories, but I’m not sure. We sometimes skip those after a game as well.

Thursday Cecilia had a new gymnastics teacher after we had dinner served up by their VBS. Since the daycare’s location with a school-age program is in a church a solution for VBS week at the church is needed. The daycare and church came to an agreement that the parents can sign their kids up for VBS and then just drop and pick them up as they usually had been. The church puts on a great program and the kids love it every year. Gideon got to go to Dairy Queen for a special treat after his last practice. Neither of them got a show because it was so late. They did get stories, but I forget which.

Friday was my last day at DRC. The kids and I dropped Heather off with Renee for a girls night. The kids and I spent our time that night doing some quick cleaning of the Van and Playroom in preparation for Grandma Reed joining us. They did a good job and I let them watch Postman Pat and Team UmiZoomi both. We then read two stories, Santa is coming to Minnesota and The Book with no Pictures.

Saturday the kids helped pick Grandma up from the airport, at 9:40 pm. This was after getting up before 7 to spend the morning at the Children’s Museum.

Sunday was Gideon’s last little league game before the move.

TWB 53 – I can rip them farther than mom.

I think I’m ready to resume the weekly posts. They are now time-delayed by almost two months. I’m not sure I have the patience for adding the links back in though. Also, I’m pretty sure being in Colorado now I can’t get Amazon affiliate payments.

Monday Cecilia and Gideon were dropped off at the same place. This was kind of nice and shaved a good ten minutes off the morning routine.At the end of the day Cecilia seemed to have done well in her new environment. We got home from Gideon’s game too late for a show, but had them both rinse off in the shower along with tick checking.
Cecilia had Heather read her the Golden book Words while I got to read Olivia.
Gideon had me read him a Fly Guy book before Heather read him a Hot Wheels book.

Tuesday we went to Elk River for our last dinner at the Huisinga house before we move. The kids got to spend some time playing together and I let them watch about half of The Pirate Fairy on the way home.
It was an extra late night so no stories for the kids.

Wednesday Gideon had a game again. The relatively short season is almost done. We finished Pirate Fairy on the way home.
I read a Fly Guy book to Gideon, and I believe Heather did as well.
Cecilia had me read her a Farm animal book after Heather read her something, but I’m not sure what.

Thursday Gideon had practice and Cecilia had Gymnastics. I went to gymnastics this time. Gideon got home in time to watch a Postman Pat, but Cecilia didn’t get home in time for a show. I guess practice got called a little early when the a couple of kids caught the ball, but not in their gloves.
Gideon had us both read him Fly Guy books.
Cecilia had me start reading her a book about dragons and kindergarten. I’m not sure what Heather read her.

Friday We didn’t have a scheduled event. Cecilia got to pick a show and it was Team UmiZoomi.
The kids both got stories. I think Gideon had us both read him Fly Guy books again but I’m really not sure what Cecilia had.

Saturday We skipped church because Gideon got to go to his best friends birthday party. It was a late night for him, and he didn’t get a show. Cecilia got a show and picked Team UmiZoomi.
Cecilia got stories from us, though I don’t know what Heather read her. I read her Easter Parade. Gideon got home too late.

Sunday we had our good-bye open house at Elm Creek Park Reserve. We were there from noon to 5 and some friends came by to hang out and say goodbye. Baths and showers were had at home and Gideon picked Caillou for bedtime.
Gideon continued his Fly Guy kick. I’m not sure what Cecilia had Heather read, but I read her The Important Book. By halfway through she was disagreeing with what was important though.

TWB 55 – The first time I breathed a pear came out.

Monday our last week at Love to Grow On started. The kids got their show while I was running an errand so I missed what it was or who picked it.
Gideon had Heather read him Bobcat Bootcamp and I read him a page from the Big Book of Planes.
Cecilia had Grandma reading from the Richard Scarry Collection. I missed what Heather read her.

Tuesday Gideon picked Calliu.
I read Gideon two stories, Under My Hat and another short one. I’m not sure what Brittney read him either.
Cecilia had Grandma and Brittney read to her, and I’m not sure what they read.

Wednesday we moved to the hotel. Hotel stays with young children seem to always be at least a little difficult. I like to try getting suites that include 2 beds and a couch with a hide a bed. That way Heather and I can share. Otherwise we end up doing a guys and girls split which just doesn’t usually work as well. We didn’t get shows, though we did put HGTV on at the end of the night in hopes of calming them down for bed. Cecilia in particular was so overtired, and decided to fixate on wanting Grandma.
We did books on Zoodles. Gideon picked Casey at Bat and had me read it. Cecilia picked City Mouse and Country Mouse, but wanted to listen to the Zoodles reader read it.

Thursday was the kids last day at school. They seemed ok to me when they got home. I hadn’t been the one to drop them off the last few days so I didn’t have much to go on. It was a busy day at the homestead with the movers packing and loading though. After that we had dinner out before Cecilia’s last gymnastics class. She got a kick out of the first one Grandma and Brittany seeing being the last one she had. The kids got to have Orange Leaf on then way home. They watched Dora curtesy of Cecilia and didn’t get stories. Brittany watched them while Heather and I went to try and get some last minute stuff done at the rental in Circle Pines.

Friday was the big day of course. After getting Heather to the rental in time to let in the cleaning crew I worked to load the cars and saw Grandma and Brittany take the kids off to an indoor playground for a bit. After closing everything out at the rental Heather and I met up with the rest of the group and headed out. I drove the Mini alone while everyone else was in the van. Gideon started out saying he wanted to be in the Mini, but I reminded him that the Mini didn’t have a movie screen and he changed his mind. It was after lunch and kind of rest time for them. This was a bit of a bummer since it might have been some good hang out time, so maybe the next morning would present a new chance to try it out. A late night stop at a hotel in Lincoln saw us around the halfway mark, a good spot to be.

Saturday was a long one. Gideon rode with me for the first leg of the trip. He wanted the radio off and didn’t want to talk to each other at first. He just wanted to read and do the activities he had with. After quite awhile he decided to start chatting. Then he wanted to go into the van, until he realized I had snacks in the Mini too. Then we chatted for a bit longer. Ultimately when we stopped he wanted to go back into the van though. I understand, the ride is rougher in the Mini and there was less to do. Also, he was in the back Friday. We had dinner with Heather’s Mom’s side of the family and the kids got to pick movies for the last hour or so drive to her parents house. The way we set up for road trips they each got to pick their own.

Sunday all the change started to catch up with Cecilia. She had a meltdown getting ready for church. Things eventually calmed down and the kids were hyper on the way up to see the new place. We went there to let the cable guy do the install as well as to do a bit of a walk-through. It was a little smaller then it seemed in the Skype video session, but the layout is much better than what we had in Circle Pines. Cecilia fell asleep on the way back to Monument and had a hard time getting to bed. Gideon picked Magic School Bus and no stories were read that I know of.

TWB 52 – You took the long-cut!

Monday Gideon got sent home from school again. He also had a rough end of the game at baseball. The clincher for the night was a smell of gas when we got home causing us to hang in the car watching a movie (Big Hero 6) for 30 minutes instead of getting stories. This all likely caused the late night jitters that kept the kids up for another 30 minutes after they finally got to  bed.

Tuesday. A rare (lately) day where we had nothing planned. Gideon had a pretty good day and didn’t have to come home from school. We got Cecilia’s room cleaned up and Gideon picked Arthur for a nighttime show.
Gideon finished reading me a set of his learning to read books. I think Heather read Paddington to him.
Cecilia had me read The Gingerbread Girl to her. I’m not sure what Heather read to her.

Wednesday night we got rained on at Gideon’s game after getting to watch his kindergarten graduation ceremony. The game was called early as a downpour started in the third inning. On the bright side enough game happened that it didn’t need to be rescheduled. No movies or stories though.

Thursday I took Gideon to practice while Heather took Cecilia to gymnastics. Gideon got to watch Postman Pat while I worked on getting Cecilia’s new bike put together. There were no stories or other shows though, Cecilia got home too late for any of that.

Friday Cecilia go to have a short graduation ceremony from pre-school to the school age program. There were all of 5 kids, so it was very quick. It did run long after though, with a potluck dinner and some fun for the kids. After we got home Cecilia had to try her new bike, but only for a bit. While she’s technically in the right height range for it, it’s kind of big for her. She also loves her new backpack. No stories or shows due to the late night.

We tried a short towing bike ride with all four of us Saturday. Cecilia picked Team UmiZoomi for a bedtime show after church.
The kids each got to pick a shared story from Heather, but I missed what as I was working on getting a new smoke detector installed with the landlord.

Sunday we spent all day at ValleyFair, about 3 more hours than we expected to actually. Gideon picked Arthur after confirming that Land Before Time was still unavailable, Fireman Sam was no longer available, and we didn’t have any new Miles From Tomorrowland.
I read Gideon Jake and the Neverland Pirates Trick or Treasure after Heather read to him from a book about airplanes we got at Airventure last year. At least it looked that way.
I read Cecilia The Gingerbread Girl again and don’t have any idea what Heather read her.


With this entry TWB will be on a hiatus for 1-2 months. I will continue making the posts in the “background” so there should be no loss of time-line, just a delaying of it. In the interim I might post other writings if I can force myself to take the time.

TWB 51 – Planes Are What I’m Supposed To Do

Monday we finished our long weekend with a trip to an indoor playground due to poor weather. Cecilia likely picked Team UmiZoomi. There were stories but I have no idea what they were.

Tuesday Gideon was on a liquid diet so I went and hung out in his class for the day. I might as well not have been there for the most part. If I would’ve planned ahead better I would’ve logged into work and made a half-day of it instead of a full day. Gideon probably picked Arthur. Again, I forgot to take notes so I don’t have the stories down, but we did have time for them.

Wednesday Gideon insisted on going to play baseball even after his procedure. He also took himself out of the last inning as he recognized he needed to rest. No show due to the late day and no stories either, I think.

Thursday was a rough night for some reason. After practice for Gideon and gymnastic for Cecilia they just didn’t want to settle down for the night. No show and almost no stories for the evening. As to what those stories were, not really sure.

Friday the show was the Twin’s game in the cold and rain. That was our show and there were no stories.

Saturday we did not go to the airport for the open house. I did get the Trail Gator installed and Gideon and I tried it briefly. It seemed to go well. After church Gideon picked Miles From Tomorrowland for a show.
Gideon had Heather read from Paddington Bear while I read him the hidden picture book filled with kids, each page containing him.
Cecilia had me read her Easter Parade from the Berenstain Bears while Heather read her Sailor Dog.

We spent the majority of Sunday at the Blaine Airport for Discover Aviation Days. After a laid back afternoon we started America’s Got Talent for the year after which Cecilia picked Team UmiZoomi.
Gideon read to Heather and I from some of his learning to read books. He’s doing very well. I remember him getting mad at us trying to coax him through the first few pages of them at the beginning of the school year. Now he can read most of them himself with very little help.
Cecilia had me read her a small book that was essentially a silly poem about animals and Christmas stockings. I’m not sure what Heather read her, but it wasn’t a book from Gideon’s room which is what she was asking for when I walked out of her room.

After next week This Weeks Bedtime is going to take a short break while we prepare for and do a move to Colorado. I will double down my efforts to get daily notes down though. The idea is that when it comes back the coverage will not be lost for those weeks taken off, but the series becomes time-delayed. This has the advantage of not telling random internet people that we are out on vacation until we are actually back from said vacation. I have thought about transitioning to a time-delayed style a couple of times in the past year and honestly this seems to be the right time to get it done.

TBW 50 – Bar Ba Q

Monday Gideon had a game in the cold. Very cold. It was probably the least pleasant game of his we’ll be seeing this year. I don’t remember any show’s or stories, only the cold.

Tuesday Gideon made it through the whole school day, if only just, without being sent home. He wanted to pick The Land Before Time as a rest time show, but it was unavailable on Amazon now. Instead he picked Team UmiZoomi.
Gideon and Cecilia had us read them Gideon’s latest class book about Leprechauns. Both of us, to both of them.

Wednesday brought another game day. No show due to getting home late again. While Gideon had a rough time as early as getting home from school Cecilia did fine until it was time to get ready for bed. In the end, neither of them got stories from Heather. I read Gideon his newest school library book, and the last one, Hooray For Snail. I read Cecilia a story from the Richard Scarry book.

Thursday I took Cecilia to gymnastics while Heather took Gideon to baseball practice. There was no show waiting for them at home. They did get stories though. I just don’t remember which ones.

Friday Heather and I had a date night after we dropped the kids off at the Huisinga’s. The next time we saw them they were asleep in their beds.

Saturday we enjoyed a BBQ and bonfire at the Sturm’s. We visited with some people we don’t see but once a year and got home very late. The kids got to see the start of Big Hero Six in the car.
At home Heather read Splat the Cat On With The Show to both kids while I read them both I’ve Seen Santa.

TWB 49 – Those Orioles Taste Good.

Monday Gideon had a game that the coaches agreed to cut short. It was cold and rainy to the point the kids (the ones that showed up anyhow) were no longer having fun. That got us home early from the game for a fairly calm night. We also started an experiment letting the kids sleep a little longer in the  morning. Gideon picked The Land Before Time when we got home. He has gotten to the point of wanting to get shows going via the remote on his own instead of having us get them going.
I’m not sure what Heather read to Gideon after I read him more from the First Book of Space.
I am sure that Heather read Richard Scarry to Cecilia before I did the same because Cecilia told me.

Tuesday we went to the Huisinga’s for dinner. The kids got to play together and had fun. We watched Micky Mouse Clubhouse on the way home and didn’t get stories.

Wednesday we went to the wrong field for the game. Turns out they may get changed throughout the year and the website should be checked before each game to verify where it will be. the good news is that we ended up at the right field before the first pitch in spite of our blunder. There was no show after, but we did get ice cream to celebrate Gideon having a good run when he took his turn at first base getting three outs on hits close to him. (He got player of the game on Monday for a reason I missed.)
Gideon had a new library book from school the Heather read him as well as four new class books we went through.
I’m not sure what Heather read to Cecilia, she has about 20 books on her bed. I read her Arthur’s Baby which is the library book Gideon picked up.

Thursday Gideon wanted to join me and Cecilia at her gymnastics again. He made the decision when he found out I was bringing her so I guess I should be flattered. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse played on the way home again.
I read Cecilia Baby Dear from the Golden Book Collection. I’m not sure what Heather read her.
Gideon had us both read him Arthur’s Baby.

Friday was not a good day. We were called to get Gideon basically as soon as the school day started. He also wasn’t welcomed back to school until Tuesday. The Huisinga’s got to drop their kids off for a date night. Summer is definitely here and the kids were bouncing off the walls. Times like this we miss having the big yard from Elk River. Cecilia picked Team UmiZoomi for everyone to watch. After the show I brought the other kids to their house where I waited for my car to arrive so I could go home.
I’m not sure what Heather read to the kids.

Saturday Grandma and Grandpa Nelson surprised Gideon by showing up to his baseball game. We had a low-key afternoon before church and watched Amazing Race followed by Gideon picking Miles from Tomorrowland.
I read Gideon Arthur’s Baby again followed by reading Cecilia two of the Tonka Learn to Read books. I missed what Heather read to Gideon from the Richard Scarry Collection, but she didn’t read to Cecilia due to Cecilia’s actions which was a whole different level of problems for the night.

Sunday Cecilia had a gymnastics program we got to go see. It was about what you would expect from a preschool group. That is to say, cute, fun for the kids, enjoyable for the relatives, and not too long. After eating lunch out at Cecilia’s choice (“the place we went with Grandma Reed”) we watched some Amazing Race for dinner and wind-down. Cecilia picked Team Umizoomi for the night.
Cecilia had a rough night again but managed to get both of her stories. They were both from Richard Scarry’s stories again.
Gideon had me read him 500 hats. Incidentally I’ve been doing the weekly night-time routine posts for about a year, started partially to vent over how often I’d been reading 500 hats. Heather read to him from the same Dr Suess collection, but I’m not sure which story.

TWB 48 – Throw-up is Puking.

Monday Gideon had a game and Heather made the rough choice to skip it and attend the final MOPs meeting of the season. I picked Team UmiZoomi for Cecilia as we had a lack of time before the game.
Due to getting home after 8 there were no stories, and there weren’t any expected.

Tuesday Gideon picked Team UmiZoomi after a fairly uneventful day.
Heather and I both read Gideon Arthur’s Tooth as it was due back.
I read to Cecilia from the Richard Scarry Collection again. I’m not sure what Heather read her.

Wednesday there was no show. Gideon’s game got us home too late. The kids didn’t take kindly to that. They’ll survive though, they’re tough.
Gideon and Cecilia both had Heather read them his newest library book.
I read Gideon a couple of pages from his First Book of Space after reading The Pirate Fairy to Cecilia.

Thursday the weather dictated a cancelled practice for Gideon. Cecilia still had gymnastics, and Gideon wanted to come with. That gave Heather some time alone at home which I think she needed.
We watched Micky Mouse Clubhouse in the van on the drive home.
Heather and I both read to Gideon from his First Book of Space, I think.
Cecilia had two stories. I read to her from the Disney Christmas Collection and believe Heather did as well.

Friday Cecilia picked Team UmiZoomi after a relatively slow evening.
Gideon had us both read from the First Book of Space again and Cecilia wanted the Disney Collection again.

Saturday we went top my brother’s place for a bonfire after church. We also spent some time outside at a park beforehand. Due to how late we got home there was no show and no story time.

Sunday. Mothers day. Also a gloomy day in Minnesota weather-wise. We watched some Amazing Race, then Team UmiZoomi. Heather also played about three games of Life with the kids. It got to be kind of a long day as the kids were getting overtired, but we made it through.
Gideon continued his First Book of Space.
Cecilia, I think, was back to her Richard Scary collection.