TWB 66 – I want something to eat that’s not healthy.

Monday was a holiday here in the states. After such a late night Sunday we all slept in a little. It turned out to be a quiet day at home for the most part. Heather and Cecilia went to the store for some groceries and we watched some more America’s Got Talent. I think we’ll finish this season before the next one starts. After that Cecilia picked Paw Patrol for an early night-time show.
Gideon had me finish his F-117/A book. Cecilia continued her 5 minute princess stories.

Tuesday it was back to work. I was home before the kids were back from swimming. We had a dinner and a bit of a rough night getting God time, show, and stories. That show was Shimmer & Shine which was new as of this fall.
Gideon had snake books from the school library this time, so I doubt Heather read any of those to him. Cecilia continued with the princess stories. After bedtime routines were done and while I was typing this Gideon moved all his animals to his sleeping bag so he could save them if there was a fire.

Wednesday I got home right as the kids were heading out to the park with Heather. Unfortunately they were coming back right as I was ready to head out and join them. After dinner and Cecilia picking Paw Patrol they got stories.
They had to go to our room for the ones from Heather as she got hit by a really bad headache over dinner. I read Gideon some more out of his snake book and continued the princess stories with Cecilia.

Thursday started with me apparently not getting my lips wet enough before giving Cecilia a goodbye kiss. None of us are sure where she got this idea that people needed really wet lips before kissing her. I got home a little early, but used the extra time to get logged in to work and catch up on the day while the kids went to Swim lessons. They got back right as I finished. After dinner together Gideon picked a couple of Teen Titans Go episodes after which we continued the same stories we’ve had all week.

Friday morning I got a bit of a slow start. I didn’t hurry out either as the kids were going straight to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s after school. They were getting the weekend there and Heather and I were getting the weekend here. I know the kids brought their school library books to the grandparents place.

Saturday the kids went for a hike. So did Heather and I, but not the same one. We also went to a murder mystery dinner on The Royal Gorge, the kids did not.

Sunday Cecilia had a birthday party that was low enough on responses Gideon was invited to join. (The reserved location was for “up to” a number of kids.) It was after the party we met back up with the kids. They were happy to be home and see us. We ended the weekend with a pizza dinner. Cecilia decided to watch Paw Patrol. I read Encyclopedia Brown to Gideon, but I don’t remember what I read Cecilia.

TWB 65 – My alarm knows the pledge of allegiance.

Monday I was late getting home from work. We had interviews and the discussion after went a little long as the choice was a very difficult one. It was one of those times where I really didn’t mind not being in charge. The night kind of flew by with dinner as soon as I got home, shows as soon as I was done helping to clean up, and then stories. Gideon picked some show that I didn’t recognize. It’s good to see him trying new things out. I don’t remember what we read, but don’t think we read any of the school library books.

Tuesday Cecilia asked me in the morning to come home earlier. I did. I got out on time and the drive home wasn’t horrible, just bad. I think it’s going to stay bad until next summer or so when the two main construction projects along my route are scheduled to finish. Cecilia said my getting home time was perfect. Gideon helped Heather make dinner by cutting the tomatoes. After dinner Heather left for the equivalent of MoPs but for moms with school-agers. Cecilia had a bit of a rough go, but after a little bit and some playing with Gideon and I in her room she was fine. She picked Paw Patrol. I read them a book about helicopters from Gideon’s library collection for the week and The Gingerbread Girl from Cecilia’s room.

Wednesday I spent most of the workday at Denver International Airport. While I’ve been to DIA many times in the past it’s always been as a casual traveler. This time it was business, and not business travel. While it was a great learning experience for what we have going on there and how it’s working out it did result in me getting home very late. The kids got to have a special pizza and movie night. Partially to help raise money for their school and partially to help keep Heather’s stress level down. I got home before the movie ended and the kids got stories from us both. Gideon returned to the Encyclopedia Brown books while Cecilia had The Gingerbread Girl and Jeremy’s Muffler.

Thursday I got home at a decent time, but the kids had started to have a rough afternoon. Gideon woke up in the middle of the previous night with a bad dream, so I understood him being tired. Cecilia I’m not sure about though. I started reading Gideon a book about stealth fighters. Cecilia ended up not getting a story from me due to having a rough night.

Friday was Doughnuts With Dads at the kids school. I went to work late after heading up with the kids to enjoy a doughnut together and check out their classrooms. It was also a short day for me at work. Cecilia’s birthday too. And our anniversary. Gideon still had to get Cecilia a birthday present, so I brought him to the store immediately after school. It was PJ and Snuggly day for him, so he was in jammies but didn’t care. Heather’s parents had come up to have lunch with Cecilia and they stuck around for her birthday dinner too. Cecilia eventually picked Red Robin, but wanted a play place. We decided to get our food to go and went to a park we hadn’t visited before. Cecilia loved her kick scooter, she’d been asking for one for weeks. After Cecilia picked Paw Patrol I read her new library book to her while I read Gideon a chapter from a book on stealth fighters he had from school.

Saturday Cecilia had a birthday party. There were only two kids from her class that managed to make it out of 8 invited. Considering how new to the area we are we didn’t feel that was too bad. The day started with Home Depot’s first Saturday. We exchanged one of Cecilia’s presents at Walmart which I forgot to test at the store after Gideon picked it out. While there Gideon spent some of his money to get a scooter like the one that Cecilia had gotten for her birthday. After lunch was the party at which the kids all had a good time. Following church we watched a little America’s Got Talent (about 15 episodes behind) while eating and finally had stories before a late bedtime.
Gideon wanted to take a break from the library book about Stealth with me and instead had me read a couple pages from his Big Book of Airplanes after Heather read him Encyclopedia Brown. We both read to Cecilia from her new 5 minute Princess Stories book.

Sunday Cecilia spent most of the morning asking if it was time for the tea party yet. Heather’s aunt put one on as a small celebration of three birthdays all at about the same time. Cecilia loved it and Gideon and I hung out at home some. We were waiting for a delivery so couldn’t go anywhere unfortunately. When the girls got home we immediately set out for Colorado Springs to enjoy a bit of the evening activities for the Colorado Springs Labor Day Liftoff. This of course meant no shows and no stories, though Cecilia managed to get one out of Heather due to the energy gained by her nap on the way home.

TWB 64 – I’m too cold for clothes.

Monday was relatively normal. We did have to make a trip to get the Mini after it returned for follow-on service. The people at Castle Rock Imports did good though. The issue that was apparently fixed originally returned immediately, and they fixed it up the second time at no cost. That might seem like a no-brainer, but I’ve found it can be kind of rare in some industries. Cecilia picked Paw Patrol for a nighttime show after a little bit of a late dinner.
I read There’s No Place Like Space to Gideon and Cecilia had me read her Olivia the Princess again.

Tuesday started with Gideon warning me to make sure I left work as early as I could so I’d be home in time for an informational meeting about Cub Scouts at the nearby church. I did make it home and Gideon was excited to go. While there he mostly played on an indoor play structure. We talked about whether he wanted to try it out or not, and after consideration he decided he wanted to. He did go back and forth on the decision a couple of times. Cecilia went to her Kindergarten open house night with Heather and was home in time to watch a show and get stories. Gideon had to skip a show though.
I read Cecilia the Wonderful House from the Golden Book Collection in her room. Gideon got a few pages from the Star Wars book he borrowed from the library after Heather read him the Helicopter one he borrowed.

Wednesday could have been better, or worse really. I had a tire blow out as I was just getting to work. It likely suffered from a slow leak and just lost enough air for the seal to go around the time I took the off-ramp to work. On the bright side the building I work in is right next to the highway, just have to cross under it. Even better, there is a tire shop between the exit ramp and the office, so I was able to limp the car in instead of having other issues. Of course, there is the whole tire bit to deal with throwing a wrench into anything else happening that night.

11/1/2015 – So, apparently the tire thing threw me off enough I didn’t get anything written the next three days and just noted that we visited the Colorado State Fair on the fourth one. I hope I got better the following week.




Sunday We spent the day at the Colorado State Fair.

TWB 63 – Do you want to chit chat for a little bit?

Monday Gideon picked Tree Fu Tom. I read Even More PArts to both of the kids as Gideon’s books went back to the library the next day, and Heather read them both Otis & Sydney and the Best Birthday Ever.

Tuesday Cecilia and Gideon got two shows instead of a show and story due to a meeting Heather and I had which ran late. They watched them up on our bed and we did actually each read them a story, but we made them share. They were Gideon’s new library books, but I don’t remember the titles.

Wednesday I had some off-site training for work that ran for almost 12 hours when all was said and done. As such I barely saw the kids. I hear they got two shows because Heather had an evening phone call though.

Thursday was training day two, but I got home much earlier. In fact, I was home in time to have dinner together on the deck. We then  took grandma and grandpa out for Ice Cream at Freddie’s. It was school spirit night and a percentage of proceeds went to the kid’s school. Of course, we got back so late there was no show. There was reading.
The kids had me read one of his library books, Monster Trucks or something like that. I’m not sure what they picked for Heather to read though. (They were on a shared story plan due to the late hour.)

Friday the kids were playing together in the basement when I got home, and didn’t want to join me in the garage to work on their bikes. I added water bottle holders to the handlebars. After our evening of not much for activities Gideon picked Miles From Tomorrowland.
At story time I read Gideon Olivia and Cecilia had both Heather and I read her Olivia the Princess, her library book from school this week.


Apparently I didn’t get Saturday and Sunday added in this week. :^\

TWB 62 – Alexa, be louder!

Monday I didn’t go with to drop the kids off at school. Since I was going to be starting a job sometime during the week Gideon decided we were practicing me not being there. I took the time to dig into the brakes on the Mini, which turned out not to need replacing. This was in line with what should have been since, as Heather pointed out, it hadn’t been long enough since the front ones had been done (right before leaving Elk River I believe) and the rear’s were done right before leaving Circle Pines. I looked into the rear’s and the driver rear hadn’t been clipped onto the piston properly, so that might have been the issue. I’ll check the passenger rear sometime when I have 45 minutes to get it done. The kids made the trip home between the rain showers that came through. Apparently it wasn’t a huge storm here, but where I was it was pretty bad. Hail and flooding. Three times on the drive to the highway water came in the floor due to how deep it was on the road. Heather and the kids got to hang out and play some games while I troubleshot the laptop. Gideon picked a new show, Tree Fu Tom.
Gideon had Heather read to him from his Kindergarten yearbook. I refused, so we ended up reading about Mercury and Venus from his First Book of Space.
I read Cecilia part of Dragon in the Backpack. We haven’t read it for a long time, but she had me pick up where we had left off, I think.

Tuesday I started work. I skipped Costco Monday due to severe weather and then got home at almost bedtime for the kids due to getting out late and having to stop at Costco today. Highlights of the first day include Cecilia telling me I looked good as I was finishing getting ready and getting a Surface Pro 3 as my work PC. Cecilia had a rough night and I picked Bubble Guppies since she wasn’t picking. That set her off for a bit, but eventually she calmed down for bed.
I’m not sure what the stories were. I was hungry and had a headache, but did read to them.

Wednesday we went to Heather’s grandparent’s house for dinner. That entailed Heather driving for 1.5 hours immediately after picking the kids up and getting there just in time and me driving for 1.5 hours after work and getting there fairly late. It was a goodbye dinner for Brittney as she is heading to Spain for her next round of overseas teaching this weekend.
The kids got no stories, and watched one of the Disney Fairy movies on the way home in the van.

Thursday I had a meeting get moved later and didn’t get home until 6:30 again. Heather and the kids visited a park and got rained on before having dinner without me. I met Heather at the school to get the kids and go home while she went into back to school night to learn about the year from Gideon’s teacher. The kids and I played a little before Gideon picked Tree Fu Tom for a show.
I read Fly Guy versus the Flyswatter to Gideon and The Pink Parade to Cecilia.

Friday the kids were struggling to get up and they were both in jammies and bed as I was leaving. They were supposed to be waking up, so I didn’t feel bad about waking them. When I got home we did some Bible time, ate dinner, and they watched Paw Patrol because Cecilia really likes it.
Gideon had us both read from his First Big Book of Space. For anyone keeping score Aunt Erin knows a little more than Uncle Jon about space because she worked with them in Texas.
Cecilia had me read her Zara Zebra and Heather got to read the library book from school. Something about DW and her room.

Saturday we cleaned the house in the morning and went to church in the afternoon. That’s really the extent of the day. We had pizza for dinner after the kids did a little playing in the yard. Gideon picked Blaze for a show.
Cecilia had a repeat of the previous night, but with me reading two Zara Zebra’s instead of one.
Gideon continued his First Big Book of Space.

Sunday we went to the an airshow at Rocky Mountain Regional Airport. Needless to say it was not an Airventure level event, but we all enjoyed it. In the future we think we need to figure out a shade solution if we are going to continue going to airshows. There’s precious little shade on airports near the runways for some reason… Cecilia picked Paw Patrol while trying to stay awake after baths/showers and some America’s Got Talent during dinner.
Gideon had us read to him from the Big Book of Space again.
Cecilia had me read Christmas Countdown with her.

TWB 61 – I don’t know scribble writing.

Monday was the first day of school. For those trying to keep track that’s Monday August 3rd. Technically Cecilia’s first day is Tuesday, but she was in the explorer program all day. She had quite the breakdown on the way home resulting in extra excercise for me as I carried her home. She eventually calmed down and we chatted about what went wrong. We then surprised the kids with dinner out that G&G Reed, as well as Jon, showed up to. Heather had an evening phone meeting with Shanghai so Gideon picked Bedwetting and Accidents Aren’t You Fault and Cecilia picked If You Give a Pig a Pancake for before the show. Cecilia then picked Paw Patrol to watch. (Ret) I read The Pirate Fairy and one page from The Big Book of Airplanes for Cecilia and Gideon respectively.

Tuesday the walk to school was a little rougher. Gideon was having a difficult morning for some reason. The walk home went well though. We let the kids pick some one on one time with each of us before dinner and ended with Gideon wanting to start the nighttime show early. He picked Ninjago. He likely will until we make it through Season 5, which is the only full season available on demand right now. Also after a few days of careful thought and prayer Heather and I decided that I would accept a job offer. Assuming nothing odd happens in roughly 1-1.5 weeks I will be the Project Manager at the HSS corporate offices in Denver. I believe it’s technically Denver as well, not an inner ring suburb. It’s a little further (about ten minutes) north than I had hoped for, about ten minutes south of Downtown Denver proper. The opportunity is a good one though. I believe that I can do good things there, and that it will be worth the current commute in the long run.
I read both kids When Will It Be Spring. I think Heather read a page from the Big Book of Airplanes to Gideon and there were some of the Tonka Reader books brought over for Cecilia.

Wednesday went fairly well. The kids continue having small issues with the walk. We actually brought the bikes to pick them up. They enjoyed that a lot and instantly were planning to ride each and every time there and back. We went to the store after dinner. These trips aren’t as easy here as they were in Circle Pines for some reason. My initial thought is the time and distance, but they really aren’t that much off of what they were. We must still be getting used to the area and trying to settle in. Cecilia picked Mickey Mouse Playhouse in the car since we got out so late.
Cecilia had a breakdown and didn’t get stories. Gideon had me read him Caps For Sale. After that Heather read him something, but I’m not sure what.

Thursday we started the day with the first attempt at riding bikes to school. Gideon struggled some. Hopefully a couple of times next week is all he needs to be able to handle it. The way home was fine with no issues. Gideon picked Ninjago and both kids got their stories.

Friday I finally got the garage finished while Heather finished the main level. Well, actually after we tested the garage set-up we realized I needed to change it a bit, but in a minor way. This was after the bike ride to school, which went OK. I hope Gideon gets it figured out in time for Heather to be comfortable even with me not there. Cecilia picked Paw Patrol and both kids got two stories, though it was close for Gideon.

Saturday we went to a parade. The Douglas County Parade. We actually were able to drive close, walk a short bit, and get a decent spot. We didn’t get there to early for the kids, and they did a good job staying back for their age. Gideon picked Teen Titans Go.
Both kids got stories but I don’t remember what they were.

Sunday we went to the Douglas County Fair. It was a free admission day as well as a free pancake breakfast. I was surprised at how few people were there. Grandma and Grandpa Reed brought Uncle Jon by for the afternoon and the kids got to play some while Heather and her mom went shopping. Cecilia picked Paw Patrol for bedtime after a successful bath/dinner/America’s Got Talent trifecta. (You don’t want to know how far behind on AGT we are this year…)
Both kids got stories. I read Gideon one of the Encyclopedia Brown stories while Cecilia had me read her Bearenstien Bears Easter Parade.

TWB 60 – Everybody give me my attention.

While this post was already late last Tuesday night when I went to put it up, it was made later by the amount of missing stuff. I couldn’t leave it quite as empty as it was, so I filled in what I could remember.

Monday we prepped for a trip to the sand dunes. That included getting all of our bags packed for the trip and prepping food. Heather decided to take charge of meals this time around due to her mom having a lot going on. I’m sure there was a show and stories, but in the craziness of the day and evening I didn’t get them down.

Tues we drove to the dunes. In the past we have borrowed a pop-up trailer for the trip. Our van has been the tow vehicle of choice simply because it has no problems with most pop-ups and it’s still in good shape. This time around the people it was borrowed from sent the tow vehicle with it. We discovered the pop-up was more of a pop-out than a pop-up. As in, it was  travel trailer with ends that popped out with beds and no roof raising was needed. This would have proven too big for our van for what it’s worth. Of course the kids didn’t want to be on their own, Cecilia wanted to sleep with Mom and Gideon wanted to sleep with Dad. We’ve tried working around this a little in the past, but really probably need a camping trip that we specifically address this during to get past it.

Wednesday we spent at the dunes. The weather wasn’t bad, a little cooler than previous trips and some clouds meandered through a couple of times. It was a good day and the kids had a lot of fun.

Thursday we came back from the dunes. As is normal I helped break the camp down. I find that being one of the two or three doing that instead of going and playing with the kids can be one of the more calming parts of these trips. We stopped at an event at the park next to the school put on by the PTA, a kind of back-to-school party, on the way home. After that Cecilia picked Paw Patrol.
I read Gideon and Cecilia both stories, but I was too tired to remember what.

Friday Heather got a bunch of errands run while I caught up on the weeks email and such. The kids hung out at home after a morning of pretending to go to school. Basically they got up at the regular time they would need to, got ready, had breakfast, and walked to the building. (Cecilia made them late.) Gideon picked Lego Ninjago for a nighttime show.
I read Gideon Shark Attack and Cecilia Santa Duck. Heather had a massive headache and read to the kids in our room, but I’m not sure what she read Gideon before reading Cecilia If You Give a Cat a Cupcake.

Saturday we went to church in the evening. We watched Paw Patrol for Cecilia, but it was very late so we didn’t have stories after.

Sunday we did a family bike ride in the morning, and a park in the afternoon for a short bit. Gideon picked Ninjago again.
I read Cecilia If you give a Moose a Muffin after I read Gideon Santa Duck I think. I’m not sure what Heather read to the kids but she did get some chatting time with Gideon which doesn’t usually happen as much as she’d like.

TWB 59 – Puke, Barf, Throw-Up. I do all three.

Monday we visited the school at lunch. The kids got to take a tour, but the first grade classes were locked. That bummed Gideon out, but it didn’t really show until we had our bedtime chat. Cecilia picked Paw Patrol.
Due to a late phone meeting the kids didn’t get a story from Heather, instead they did a craft/science thing before their show. I read them Ho, Ho, Ho Tucker and Weights and Measures though.

Tuesday I was gone a big chunk of the day for interviews. The kids were picked up by Grandpa a little before that though, so Heather actually got a decent amount of the day alone at home working. Dinner was late as my last interview ran long and I spent far too long at Costco. Gideon continued on his Teen Titans Go kick.
Heather and I both got to read The Book With No Pictures to Gideon, and Heather read it to Cecilia as well. I was expecting to see her bring that one in from Gideon’s room for me too, but she brought Hi Fly Guy instead.

Wednesday Cecilia spent the day with her Aunt Brittney. They went to the Children’s Museum together. Gideon went to the store with me, and helped to put a new screen in the frame that fits his and Cecilia’s windows. Cecilia picked Paw Patrol at the end of the day.
I think this is when Gideon started his Encyclopedia Brown kick with Heather. Other than that the stories for the night are forgotten.

Thursday Gideon picked Wander over Yonder after a day spent with Aunt Brittney. They went to the Denver Zoo and fed the giraffes. Cecilia kept herself pretty occupied giving me a chance to catch up on emails.
I read Gideon Jake and the Neverland Pirates Trick or Treat. The other stories for the night are lost to the sands of time.

Friday I had an interview in the afternoon. Shortly after breakfast I started to get ready, Grandpa came to hang out with the kids, and the day promptly flew by. I got home in time for Heather to take the kids to the store for new school outfits. That was actually kind of nice as I haven’t had much time alone with the kids and Heather all home with me all day. Cecilia picked Paw Patrol.
Gideon had me start to join Heather in reading him Encyclopedia Brown at bedtime.
Cecilia had me read her the House Story from the Little Golden Book Collection.

Saturday we did a family bike ride in the morning. In the afternoon Heather knocked out the unpacking in the living room while the kids had quiet rest time. Well, Gideon did. Cecilia had a meltdown. I tried to deal with that while finishing email catchup and then I needed to rest some before our nighttime routine. Gideon picked Bubble Guppies.
Gideon had both of us read to him from Encyclopedia Brown.
Cecilia had Mom read her the House story from the golden Collection while I read her Little Rocket.

Sunday we went to get a refrigerator. One that we were able to hookup to the water line and get ice & water from. Of course, it didn’t go as planned. Getting ready for camping the following week meant Heather was running late in the morning. Picking up the trailer took significantly longer than expected. Loading the fridge at the sellers house took longer than expected. Installation at home went well but took some time. (Heather was a champ helping to get it in the house, I couldn’t have gotten it in without her.) The night ended up dragging on much later than planned, but we have the fridge. We figure it’ll pay for itself in savings over buying ice. (Ice cube trays are tough for us to use due to the intense demand we put on them as a water drinking family.) Cecilia picked Paw Patrol.
Gideon continued trying to pay attention to Encyclopedia Brown at bedtime.
Cecilia had me read Courdory after throwing it at me and Heather got to enjoy The Pirate Fairy.

TWB 58 – I want a not healthy snack.

Monday came again. Cecilia decided that since she was awake and it was light out that Gideon needed to be woken up. That wasn’t cool. The day wasn’t horrible though. We got our washer and dryer so we can do clothes in the house when we want again. We ended the day by getting second-hand patio furniture. It was a real rush affair in the sense that we got to U-Haul for a trailer to carry it in about 5 minutes before they closed. It wasn’t an impulse purchase as we had been looking at patio/deck furniture for a few days. We got to the place we were planning to buy from (unless something just wasn’t right) at the kids normal bedtime. Then we surprised them with a DQ visit that Grandpa showed up to. Paddington on the ride home left them very tired, to the point that Cecilia was asking to be home so she could go to bed. That finally happened around 9. No stories.

Tuesday morning the kids decided to play together outside in the backyard for the most part. I more or less caught up with emails from job sites while also getting some laundry done. The kids have really been up on the “Mommy and Daddy time” that we try to do lately. The problem of course is that we don’t have time to do it every day. Between getting the house in a livable state, job searching, and Heather working we run out of day fairly regularly. Add in the fact that we get tired more easily due to the thinner air still and it’s tough some days. After dinner Cecilia picked My Little Pony.
Gideon had me read him Caps For Sale and it looks like Heather read Walter the Baker.
Cecilia had Heather read her something before I came and read Little Critter Easter.

Wednesday I took the kids to a city event at a local park. It was free, so there were long lines for the inflatable’s. There was an appearance by a fire truck which shot a water cannon into the air and rained down lots of water on the gathered kids, but not Cecilia. Gideon picked a Monster Truck Cartoon while I attempted to mow the back yard, but was foiled by a rainstorm that just clipped us.
I read Cecilia Cuddly Princess Pals while Heather read Gideon Hotwheels Shark Attack. (Gideon started, but got tired of reading.)
I read Gideon Step Into Reading Level 1 Lego Master Builders while Heather got an encore of Shark Attack.

Thursday Cecilia picked Paw Patrol.

Friday Gideon picked Teen Titans Go.

Saturday Cecilia picked Paw Patrol.

Sunday we had promised a family bike ride. Gideon picked Teen Titans Go.
I read Gideon Trick or Treasure and then I read Cecilia Pink at the Zoo.

Side Note: Obviously I didn’t do a great job of keeping up on posts this week. That happens sometimes. If I can get it back-filled I do, but with the new time-delay post system I have in place that has become a very difficult proposition. I have increased my efforts to get actual content for each day, but there are a smattering of these “empty” days that will show up for the next month or three.

TWB 57 – The last month in July.

Monday I didn’t have a ton going on. I spent the day mostly catching up on my backlog of emails from the previous few days. The weather wasn’t very good and the kids spent most of the day playing together in the garage. We did do some “Mommy and Daddy time” with the kids in the evening which we felt they really needed. Cecilia picked Dora for a show, and then we read nightime stories.
I read to Gideon from his big book of Planes. Cecilia cried herself to sleep before I had a chance to read to her.

Tuesday I had an interview in the afternoon but spent some time in the morning playing with the kids. Gideon was bummed that we didn’t have another day of Mommy and Daddy time, but I think he understood somewhat why not. Him and his sister did get to spend the afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa, so I hope it balanced OK. Gideon picked Kate and Mim-Mim. I think because he wanted to see the “wait” based on the picture in the on screen tv guide.
Gideon had me continue in his big plane book. Cecilia had me read her The Three Bears from the Golden Book Collection.

Wednesday Heather took the day off and we tried working on some errands that needed to be done during the business day. The kids spent the day being taken care of by their grandparents. Apparently they tried two new parks. We discovered missing paperwork that might become a big headache. We also got back late, mobile phone stores take so long these days. Cecilia picked Paw Patrol after dinner and a short walk in the rain.
Gideon and I finished his Big Book of Planes with a very outdated section on Space. Heather read him Under My Hat from what I could tell.
Cecilia had me read her The Littlest Snowflake. I’m not sure what Heather read her.

Thursday Heather was back to work, with an important early morning meeting. It was also the first day the kids were up before 7:30 in a while. I kept them up watching a couple shows until her meetings were done, and then we had a largely inside day. Gideon picked Paw Patrol for a show.
I read Gideon a Fly Guy book. I’m not sure what Heather read him.
Cecilia had a meltdown and ended up with no stories and crying herself to exhaustion and sleep after 45 minutes of being inconsolable. I believe it started with not getting a red sour gummy when she asked for one in addition to her snack.

Friday I had a nagging feeling it was Thursday most of the day. I took the kids to a park for the morning and our final pieces of furniture arrived in the afternoon. The kids were troopers and spent a long time at Target doing relatively boring shopping as we tried to get the last bits of what we need for the house. I believe at this point we’re down to a fridge and lawn mower, not necessarily in that order. We got home very late and neither of the kids even asked about a show. I read Gideon a Fly Guy book, Cecilia Olivia, and know Heather read to them as well.

Saturday we tried working on the house and also spending time one on one with the kids. We didn’t get far on the house, and we played with the kids some. It’s probably a win in all honesty. Heather read stories to the kids before running some errands at the end of the night. Cecilia picked Super Planes or something like that.
I read Gideon There’s No Place Like Space and Cecilia If You Give a Pig a Pancake.

Sunday the morning started with Heather trying the new battery powered mower to see if we would keep it. I’m the driving force on that one, first the yard tools, then the mower. Hopefully the next vehicle as well. We took the kids to see Inside Out. I was partially hoping it would help Gideon with any feelings he’s been having about the move. It is easily a Pixar great and I look forward to getting it on Blu Ray, preferably 3D. After a dinner at the park Gideon chose to watch Super Planes.
I read him The Little Penguin before reading Cecilia Courderoys Pocket.