TWB 33 – You’re gonna get germs.

Monday we started our week with Heather and Gideon staying home. Unfortunately Gideon was in the second day of a painful strep attack so they couldn’t go do anything fun. Cecilia picked Creative Galaxy after a family dinner.
For story time I read Cecilia a story from the Disney Christmas Collection again. I don’t remember which story, but I do believe Heather read her one as well because she starting going through the stories when I asked if she had me reading the same thing as Heather read her.
Gideon definitely got two stories. One from each of us. I should know them. Really. I probably should have made my notes about what we did Monday night on Monday night.

Tuesday we went to the Huisinga’s for dinner. The nighttime show was Planes Fire and Rescue on the drive to and from their place. There were no stories as we didn’t get out of there as quickly as I had hoped. The kids did pretty well with that though. They were a little upset but realized they didn’t have a choice. They also were both still up when Heather got home.

Wednesday Cecilia had gymnastics again. This time she wanted me to take her so I was able to get a good stretch of reading in. Heather and Gideon hung out at home while we were gone. Gideon just finished Creative Galaxy as we got home. The credits rolled as Cecilia came up the stairs, which about sent her over the edge. We finally got her to believe she could have the show as well and she got over it though.
I read both kids the latest library book Gideon brought home from school, Cowboys can be Kind.
Heather read Cecilia the custom I Spy style book that has a picture of her on every page. I’m not sure what she read Gideon.

Thursday we brought the car to the shop in Elk River after work. That meant a long drive there and back, and dinner out. Sometimes on this drive we eat dinner as we drive back. This is especially true in the Mini where there is no movie for the kids. The kids have their tablets now, so we gave them a choice. They could eat at the restaurant and play the tablets on the way home, which meant no show. The other choice was to eat on he way home and get a show. We ate at the restaurant.
Cecilia had us read her Elmo’s favorite stories. Heather read Rhyme time and I read What Makes You Giggle.
Gideon had us both read him Creepy Carrots. I was instructed to “not read it to him tomorrow because he didn’t want it to get stuck in his head and make him scared.”

Friday Heather and I had date night. I was running a bit behind causing us to get the kids dropped of closer to 6 than 5:30. Gideon was asleep when we got home, but Cecilia was still up to say goodnight to us.

Saturday was my birthday. Heather and I haven’t been great with getting things for each others birthdays lately. The things we each would really like just don’t quite fit into a birthday at this point in our lives. We do try to figure out some small stuff though, especially so the kids can have fun with it and give presents. This year Cecilia told me happy birthday about 5 or 6 times. We updated from the Wii to the Wii U. (Let me know if you want to exchange Nintendo Network ID’s or whatever it is this time around.) We also went to Bonfire Grill for dinner after church. The kids were clinging more than usual at rest time, and I was unable to do anything other than watch the movie with them. At the end of the day I realized that Monday had been the last day anyone got to choose a show, and it was now Gideon’s turn to pick Creative Galaxy.
Cecilia had Heather read to her from the Richard Scarry collection. I read her the Otis Christmas book, after reading it to Gideon. Oh, and Heather read that same one to Gideon as he wanted it again.

Sunday we didn’t have anything planned. Well, we had talked to the kids about going to spend some time outside. So we went to a park and played outside for some time as a family. We also spent some time playing Mario Party 8 as a family later in the day. At the end of the day Cecilia picked Creative Galaxy, which surprised nobody.
Gideon had me read him Zara Zebra Draws, and Cecilia had me read her that plus Zara Zebra’s Busy Day.
Heather read Gideon library book to Cecilia, Cowboys can be Kind. I missed what she read to Gideon though.

TWB 32 – I haven’t made a red one in a long time.

Monday Heather took the kids to the indoor playground. We were starting a bit of a busy week and wanted to make sure the kids got some time to move. After dinner Gideon accepted a new show, Creative Galaxy, to try out for nighttime. He’s been asking about new shows lately, so I’m attempting to find things outside of the current Disney Junior offerings.
Cecilia had Heather read her Gideon’s Songebob Soccer Star library book followed by me reading her The Cupcake Fairy.
Gideon had me read him Whale Tail from the Now I’m Reading snack attack collection. Heather read him a different story from the same collection, but I missed which one.

Tuesday I went to the MN Agile Experiences Group meeting as dinner was starting. I’m not sure what Cecilia picked for a show. I did hear that there were problems with Amazon so Creative Galaxy was out.
I’m guessing the kids got two stories, shared similar to what I do when it’s just me. I’m not sure what they picked.

Wednesday Cecilia started gymnastics, without it being cancelled. Gideon picked Creative Galaxy again.
Cecilia had me read her the Little Critter Hansel and Gretel. Heather read her a story, but I missed what.
I read Gideon his latest class book before showtime since we started late. It looked like Heather read him his latest school library book, Power Rangers Alien Attack.

Bottom of the Slide.Thursday small group got cancelled. I took the kids to the indoor playground before we came home for dinner. After that we squeezed in an episode of Creative Galaxy chosen by Cecilia.
I ended up reading both Gideon and Cecilia his latest library book after some drama of Cecilia wanting it and Gideon not wanting to share. In all the drama I completely missed what Cecilia got from Heather.
I read Gideon Walter the Baker. I’m not sure what Gideon had Heather read.

Friday started pretty normal. That’s not to say it didn’t end normally as well. In fact, that statement was a little strong. Let’s try again. Friday was a pretty normal day. The only thing of note before dinner was Cecilia really, really wanting to be dropped off at home on the way to get Gideon instead of coming with. It’s not a big deal, maybe 5 minutes out-of-the-way on a bad day. It was just a little odd. After dinner the kids played the My Little Pony game together for a bit before Gideon picked the next Creative Galaxy.
Cecilia had Heather and I both read out of the Disney Christmas Collection.
Gideon picked out his Now I’m reading Snack Attack collection again for me. I’m not sure what Heather read to him.

Saturday Gideon started gymnastics. There were only three boys total, so it was a mixed class instead of boys only. He had a little trepidation at first, but warmed up to it fairly quickly. Turns out a girl he recognized from school was in his group there and that probably helped. After the kids got some outside playtime with Heather we went to church without much drama. While Heather was shopping Cecilia picked Creative Galaxy.
Gideon’s figured out the drill when it’s just me. He was on our bed with a story before Cecilia even got upstairs. I read them Race Team, a Level 1 Lightning McQueen story, for Gideon and the Tangled Christmas story from the Disney Collection for Cecilia.

Sunday we spent a large chunk of the day at the indoor park in Edina. We brought lunch and went about as long as we could handle. I think the kids might have been able to do a little more, but it was getting to be a long day. After we got back the kids did baths/showers and we were all treated to Gideon having a very sore throat. I suspect he was hurting throughout the day and masked it so we could go to the indoor park, but I have no proof. Gideon picked Creative Galaxy for the nighttime show.
Gideon had Heather read him the school library book again while I read him The Lorax.
Cecilia had me read to her from the Disney Christmas Collection again, The Little Mermaid this time. I’m sure Heather got to read a different story from the same book.

TWB 31 – I won for you.

Monday we were back to “the schedule.” Actually, we were starting the new one. Everyone got up and went to school/work. Cecilia had a rough ride home. Thankfully it’s not too long, but it includes a stop to get Gideon. After dinner Heather went to MOPS while the kids got ready for bed and the next day. I let them play on the tablets while I cleaned up from dinner. Gideon picked Kate & Mim-mim for a show.
With just me it meant one story for each. We read the Toy Story and Wreck It Ralph entries from the Disney Christmas Collection for Cecilia and Gideon respectively.

Lambie and ShoesTuesday the Huisinga’s came over for dinner. Unfortunately they were held up and got here late. The kids were really excited to share their Christmas experiences with each other. They also finally got to exchange gifts with the Huisinga’s which has been on their mind since the last present was still there as the tree came down. The message about school being cancelled came in before dinner, so we let the kids play a little later than normal. After the guests left it took a moment of encouragement for Gideon and Cecilia to calm down, but they did and Cecilia picked Kate and Mim-mim.
We didn’t get stories because it was much too late for them.

Wednesday was supposed to be Cecilia’s first day of gymnastics. She has been looking forward to it for over a week. She was not happy with it being cancelled due to cold. The kids were happy to be at home though. I stayed here with them. They got an hour on their tablets, and got to watch a long movie for rest time. They also spent time just playing together as I spent the day logged in and working from home. Gideon picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
Cecilia had me read her the Little Critters version of Jack and the Beanstalk. It looked like Heather was reading her the Little Critter version of Red Riding Hood.
Gideon had me read him the Songebob Squarepants book (Soccer Star) he borrowed from the school library. I didn’t catch what Heather read to him.

Thursday of this week we had our one planned down night. It turns out it was our second one. Cecilia picked Kate and Mim-mim.
I read Gideon Bobcat Bootcamp, but don’t know what Heather read him.
Cecilia had me read her the book from Grandma and Grandpa that has her picture hidden on every page after Heather read her the Little Critters version of Hansel and Gretel. (The Witch One.)

Friday we watched the Huisinga kids. We try to try babysitting with them once a month and this one Friday was ours to have them all. To say the kids were full of energy would be an understatement. We had dinner ready essentially when they got there. it took maybe 5 minutes to get everything on the table and have them come sit. Less than ten minutes after they had gotten here we realized that we had 5 kids ready to destroy the house. Not maliciously, but out of a need to move. We decided to bring the whole crew to Shoreview Community center even though we’d only get an hour. This was a good idea.
I brought the Huisinga kids home where I read L a little Whinny the Pooh while J cried for a good 30 minutes until their parents got home. In the kids defense we got back a good 30 minutes later than we probably should have.
Heather got our kids to bed and likely read them each a story. I did hear there was no show for them. (Huisinga’s didn’t get one either.)

Saturday was a bit of a long day at our place. Gideon had a rough time coming up on lunch and it just kept getting worse as the day went on. This was out of character as usually some food and some time alone gets his mood improved. Cecilia join in on the fun later in the evening resulting in bedtime not coming soon enough. It was preceded by Gideon picking Kate & Mim-mim.
I read Cecilia the Little Critters Jack and the Beanstalk again while Heather read her Palace Pets Snuggle Buddies.
Gideon grabbed a Hot Wheels Level 1 book (Race to Win) for me to read. I’m not sure what Heather read him, but I do know he was just this side of asleep when I came back in for prayers after reading to Cecilia.

Sunday Heather took the kids outside for a bit. I got to go to a couple of stores for missed grocery items. the kids did pretty well playing together and being at home. By the end of the night it was definitely bedtime. Cecilia picked Kate and Mim-mim when the Broncos game ended.
Gideon had Heather read him the Spongebob book from school. I read him Walter the Baker.
Cecilia had Heather read her Little Critters Easter. She started asking me to read from the goodnight collection, but I told her I wouldn’t read all four stories. Then she wanted to wait for Spongebob. That lasted until I told her Heather wouldn’t be in to do her light and music at which point she gave me Little Critters Red Riding Hood.

TWB 30 – She can’t if she has arm surgery.

Monday dawned with the landlord coming to check a water/mold issue we had reported. We ended up heading out for some bowling in the afternoon as the spray used to kill the mold was not setting well with Heather or her mom. The kids had a blast with Gideon beating both Uncle Jon and myself while Cecilia tied with Heather. (In case you’re wondering the girls did better than Gideon, and I can admit to that!) After a nice little dinner we watched Dora for Cecilia.
Cecilia wanted Grandma and Heather to read to her and since they were making a run to drop some stuff off when the show ended she had to wait. She did, and I’m not sure what they read her.
Gideon had me and Grandma read to him. I read him another Fly Guy book, and he likely had another one as well.

Tuesday Grandma was sick. Laid up in bed with a fever having trouble breathing sick. The kids went to the Children’s Museum with Heather and Grandpa. Apparently it was madness. Two trips through the ramp to find a parking spot kind of madness. This is what happens to inside recreation during a Minnesota winter. At least normally. When it’s too cold to ride bikes. Jon and I went to see The Hobbit in HFR 3D at an ATMOS theater. We left before the show and got back when everyone was in bed, so I’m not sure what all happened in the interim.
I heard later that Cecilia picked Kate & Mim-mim.

Wednesday. New Years Eve. We didn’t do any celebrating of it though. In fact, Cecilia ended the previous day, and started this one, with a fever. In light of this we spent the day at home. There was some cleaning and finding of homes for the kids new things. Other than that, just playing and hanging out together. For the evening show it was Uncle Jons turn according to the kids, and he picked Little Einsteins. Presumably that choice was in part due to who exactly the audience for the show was.
Cecilia had Jon and Grandma read to her, while Gideon had Jon and Grandpa. Uncle Jon was just the popular one this night.

Thursday we had another relatively quiet day. I was thinking of taking the kids to the indoor park, but by the time I was ready they were contentedly watching soccer with Jon, and then it got to be to close to lunch. After rest time they did some dancing with Jon and then didn’t want to go anywhere when I suggested finding a sledding place. Friday will bring a much more solid effort to get the kids, and adults, out of the house for a bit at least. Gideon ended the day by choosing Little Einsteins.
Cecilia had Gradma and Heather read to her while Gideon read to Heather and Jon. Yes, Gideon read to them. I’m guessing they helped him a little but he probably did most of the reading.

Friday I brought Gideon to the indoor park in the morning where we “played” a lot of basketball. He didn’t spend much time in the playground itself. It sounded like he wasn’t a fan of the number of people in there. It was pretty crowded. In the afternoon Heather took him outside for some playtime in the snow. Cecilia was still under a slight fever and spent a large part of the day hanging out with Grandma. The nighttime show and stories are a mystery to me. Heather and I saw Hello Dolly at Chanhassen.

Saturday was the day our house guests went home. The morning was a little rough for Gideon. I think it was a combination of tired and not wanting to return to the routine. Cecilia did pretty good until we dropped them off at the airport. After getting everyone ready to go we spent the afternoon hanging out. In fact, the kids spent the better part of an hour playing with just each other in the playroom after the inflatable bed came down. After dinner and drop-off we survived the ride home and Gideon was just in time to override the Handy Manny I had started, but he decided it was what he wanted.
I read the Monsters Inc story to Cecilia from her Disney Christmas Collection. I’m pretty sure Heather read her the Little Mermaid one as it was the next one in the book. (I think.)
Gideon got some story from Heather, but I missed what. He started asking me for 500 Hats, but changed his mind to the Grinch about five words in.

Sunday it got cold. Windchill advisories were in place all day, so outside of a run to church and Target we didn’t go anywhere or play outside. The morning after church was a little rough. Gideon ended up needing some time alone. Cecilia was on edge most of the day. Heather worked hard getting stuff ready for our week ahead while I spent time with the kids. After a calmer evening and watching all but the last episode of The Amazing Race Cecilia picked Little Einsteins for a show.
Cecilia had a couple more stories from the Disney Christmas collection, mine was The Perfect Gift. (Pinocchio)
Gideon had two of the Fly Guy books, one from each of us.

Everybody Hurts

Other than being the title of a song this statement illustrates what I believe to be a truth in this world. The song mentions that “everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes.”   My take is that sometimes the crying and hurting is caused by our own brokenness. More specifically, a belief of mine is that we are all broken.

This may seem to be a depressing view of the world, but it really isn’t meant that way. You see, if we are all broken then none of us is alone in our brokenness. We all have people who go through the same thing we do that can help us in our time of trouble. People we can help in their time of trouble.

That’s not to say we are all the same. We are all unique individuals. The ways I am broken do not match up exactly with the ways you are broken. Some of them might overlap though. If not with you, then maybe with the guy over there. The same is true for you, your brokenness has mirrors in other people.

Maybe you cry when you drop food on the floor. Perhaps you recoil at the thought of spending a day around other people. It could be that big decisions give you panic attacks. There are many ways we can be broken. Some big, some small, all of them shared by others in the world.

Hands Of Young Men And Women Stock Photo

photostock –

A great example of this can be seen in recovery groups. The people in those groups come together because they share a similar way of being broken. They lend the appropriate kind of support for the struggles they face. The hold each other accountable for progress in their recovery. Recovery isn’t necessarily about no longer being broken. Recovery may be about functioning well in spite of brokenness. It could be a group that helps each other limp through the worst parts of life while celebrating the wonderful parts together.

We will always have problems to face. The truth we need to know is we never have to face them alone. Talk to your friends and family. Find a hotline to call. Visit a local church and ask the pastor to point you to help. Search for forums and chat groups online. Search for a group in your area. If nothing else, send me a message. I’ll do what I can to point you to the right place.

Everybody hurts, but nobody has to suffer alone.

TWB 29 – First I had two, and then, uh, a little bit more.

Monday was a long day. I worked from home to get a signature required delivery and spent the day chasing a root cause that was not well represented by the shown error. The delivery? Showed up a little after 3. I brought the kids to the indoor playground, after dinner. Due to how late the day was getting I figured we’d try eating first in hopes of getting them a little more time to play. After last week they needed the time out. It didn’t work out so well. After we made it home Cecilia picked a new show, Kate and Mim-mim.
Heather read Cecilia Counting Christmas and I saw Santa for Gideon while I read them both the latest book that Gideon made at school.

Tuesday Heather brought the kids straight to the indoor playground and I made dinner for when they got home. After dinner we got to see The Little Drummer Boy courtesy of Gideon.
I read the kids a class book that Gideon brought home.
Heather read Cecilia Little Critters I Just Forgot and Gideon Friendly Beasts (probably) from a Christmas Story Collection we have.

Wednesday I went in for a half day of work, but Heather took the day off to spend with the kids. They were able to ride their bikes around outside while she cleaned the van. Bike riding, Christmas Eve, in Minnesota. Yeah. Anyhow, we visited the church we met at for the Christmas Eve service and saw a lot of people we used to know much better. Our evening show was How The Grinch Stole Christmas as a family movie. We left out cookies and milk, as well as carrots and “reindeer food.” (Gideon told us that it was oatmeal.)
Gideon didn’t want a story though. He was ready to go to sleep. It was a combination of exhaustion and excitement. In fact, usually we leave his door open until he falls asleep, but tonight he wanted it closed because “Santa’s not supposed to see me.”
Cecilia asked me to read her Very Hungry Caterpillar. I’m not sure if she had Heather read to her as well, but she probably did.

Thursday was Christmas of course. Gideon was up around 5:20. Cecilia at 6:30. Grandma’s house was at 11ish. The kids loved all their gifts of course. Gideon even passed on part of Amazing Race for the night to play with a new toy. (Not telling which one though!) Cecilia picked Doc McStuffins for the night. The kids got jammies on and watched the show without a lot of fighting. I’m pretty sure they were exhausted and ready for bed.
Gideon’s stories were from his new collection of Fly Guy stories.
Cecilia’s stories included me reading her the same Fly Guy book I read Gideon as well as Heather reading her a new Otis book.

Friday we were all home and relaxing a little. We had family showing up the next day and a full week off coming up. (Technically that night, but the last flight in.) Of course the kids were on day three of getting up early. If these were school days the kids probably would have tried to sleep in another hour or two. Gideon picked the Grinch cartoon.
Both kids are now on a Fly Guy kick and had us each read them one of those stories.

Saturday Grandma and Grandpa Reed had settled in for a visit, and brought uncle Jon with them. This of course meant the kids got to have another Christmas present session. Gideon was much better about others opening presents and not needing them all to be for him this time. Most of the day was filled with playing and relaxing. Cecilia asked for a Sopiha the First that she hadn’t seen before.
Cecilia had Grandma read her a special “I Spy” style book with pictures of her in it. Then Grandpa read her Big Snowman Little Snowman.
Gideon had Uncle Jon read him a fly guy book followed by me reading him another one.

Sunday meant time to start restoring normalcy to the environment. Yes, decorations came down. This went fairly quickly. After this was lunch and then a little bit of the return game, only for duplicate gifts though. It was a surprisingly quick experience this time around. In retrospect doing it during the end of a Vikings game that was soon to be followed by a Packers game probably helped. We also went to Buffalo Wild Wings so the out-of-town guests could see most of the Broncos game. Gideon picked Octonauts once we made it home.
Gideon had Uncle Jon and Grandpa both read him Fly Guy books again.
Cecilia had Grandma and Heather read to her, but I have no idea what.

Merry Christmas 2014


Dear Family & Friends,

Merry Christmas! We hope this letter finds you and your family doing well. 2014 has been a full and busy year for our family.

January and February found us trying to survive the record breaking cold temperatures while preparing to put the house back on the market. On the bright side it made finishing some projects around the house easier as we didn’t want to be outside.

March brought an offer on our house after just one fairly quick showing. That showing? A day early while Heather was home with a very sick Cecilia due to a scheduling mix-up. They didn’t leave the house and hadn’t done last minute cleaning. The accepted counter offer started the process of looking for a place to rent and getting ready to move. Thankfully Heather’s grandparents and mother were able to come help finish packing. They were able to stay and help with most of the unpacking and setup in our new place as well. Gideon’s 5th birthday also fit in to the craziness of the month.

April brought our move and a month of faith stretching. Literally hours prior to closure we found out we were not going to close on time, and likely not even that day. Everything had gone smoothly to that point. After we were moved leaving an empty house in Elk River it seemed like the deal would fall apart. Our buyers were not able to close on the house they owned and thus couldn’t secure financing to purchase ours. We hadn’t even realized they had a place they were selling. Thus began several weeks of praying for things to come together after deciding our best option was to try and stick it out with them rather than putting an empty house on the market. God came through and we finally closed right before the end of the month ending up with a couple extra weeks interest rather than a full month’s mortgage.

May was spent getting settled in to the new location and schedule. Heather enjoyed a much shorter commute to work and daycare as the new place is literally 5 minutes from the daycare and about 10 minutes from her work.

June saw Gideon graduating from preschool and starting the school age program at Love to Grow On’s other location. It kept him extremely busy and made him tired as well. He played t-ball and we spent lots of time-park hopping. This was to compensate for the rental townhouse’s lack of outside space. We must have visited almost every park with a playground in a 20 minute drive.

As June shifted to July we drove to Colorado for a two week vacation. The first week allowed Adam and Heather a couple of nights away while the kids spent time with Grandma and Grandpa. Next we all went camping at the Sand Dunes for a couple of nights before heading to Longmont for a Shutts family reunion. (Heather’s mom’s side of the family.) We had a chance to see all of Heather’s extended family from that side, even her aunt Nancy when we skyped with her briefly. We briefly got to meet Felix, Erin’s (Heather’s sister) little boy, who was born mid-June. Activities with extended family included a BBQ, the Zoo, a ride on the Carousel, and shooting off air rockets in the park. While in Longmont we also had lunch with as many of the Reed side of the family (Heather’s dad’s side) as we could. Then we finished off the vacation with a few down days in Monument at Heather’s parents place.

After we returned from Colorado we had a couple of weeks before we headed to Osh-Kosh Wisconsin for AirVenture. The biggest air show in the U.S. The kids loved seeing all the airplanes and we got a chance to hang out for a while with Heather’s cousin Nathan who was there with work.

August highlights included the State Fair with good friends and then again with Heather’s parents.

The first part of September brought Cecilia’s birthday, Heather & Adam’s 10th wedding anniversary and Gideon’s first day of Kindergarten.

The rest of September and October were spent trying to find a new rhythm with school. This was difficult while trying to make going to the park a priority. After all day at school Gideon definitely needed the outside run around time. Halloween at our house included a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Princess Elsa. And 5 people at the door. 2 of which were coming home. The kids were bummed and wanted to know why people weren’t coming to our house.

November brought the start of cold and attempts to find indoor places to run off the afternoon energy. We settled on a local community center which includes a water park. A low-key Thanksgiving out with Adam’s brother (plus family) and parents was a nice way to not worry about cooking and cleaning in a small space, and a nice gift from Adam’s parents.

December looks to be relatively full as we look forward to celebrating Christmas in a few different ways.

Overall it has been a year full of change, fun, and growth. 2015 looks to be full of the same.

If you want to keep up with what we are up to a little more often feel free to check out our website,, where there has been at least one post a week for the past year giving glimpses into our family life.

We would love to hear from you as well and hope you have a wonderful Christmas season while you celebrate with family and friends. May you remember the reason for the season is Jesus’s birthday!


Adam, Heather, Gideon & Cecilia Myhr


TWB 28 – That’s why your hair is in the way.

(Sorry for the delay, I blame the holidays. They’re probably mostly to blame anyhow.)

Monday Cecilia sang in the daycare Christmas Program. This happened after dinner came a little late. Between the program and cookies after we got home late. We did family story and Gideon picked Chuggington, but we didn’t stick around for “the wait.” There were no individual stories which caused Cecilia to complain a little, but she calmed down fairly fast.

Tuesday brought Gideon’s turn to sing in the program for the other location of Love to Grow on. Dinner wasn’t quite as late but the Van decided to do some acting up. This set the tone for a rough evening. Cecilia picked Sheriff Callie for a show and we did family story after. There was some struggle with no individual stories from Cecilia, but Gideon was ready for bed.

Wednesday we took a breath. I got the kids from school while Heather did some grocery shopping. The kids and I did a pick-up so we would be ready for the house to be cleaned on Friday. The kids did a good job and as a result they were able to play some games on the tablets before dinner. Gideon picked Disney’s Prep and Landing. Stories were done by Heather as I got a call for a production issue at work.

Thursday we were busy again. Small group was supposed to be a little later than usual and for hanging out. It ended up being only the hosts and us so we met at the usual time and had dinner. It was a nice respite from the really busy parts of the season, and a good chance to get to the know the small group host family a little better. We finally planned ahead a little better and read the family story on the way home. At home Cecilia picked Disney’s Prep and Landing 2: Naughty versus Nice.

Friday it was time for the kids to finish shopping. This time it was Cecilia and I while Gideon got to hang out with Heather. The night went late and by the time we finished Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer chosen by Gideon and family story the kids were going to bed without individual stories at 9:30 or so.

Saturday was looking to be the start of a tough weekend for Gideon as we were doing the doctors bidding. He handled the day really well though, and had a great time at his cousin Abbi’s party. We made it to our regular church service and managed an episode of Amazing Race before Cecilia picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
At bedtime I read both kids A Charlie Brown Christmas while Heather read them Merry Christmas Curious George.

Sunday we stayed home for what one might think was a relatively low-key day. Unfortunately the kids were bouncing off the walls due to a week since they’ve been to the indoor playground. Even worse, due to finishing Gideon’s treatment we decided it was best to stay home. We managed to get through 2 episodes of Amazing Race. The “Save” pass is now out of the race. We watched Handy Manny as per Gideon’s choice after family story time.
Heather read both kids the book Gideon got from his school library last time they went, Snowmen at Christmas.
I read Gideon How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Cecilia Mulberry Street.

PAD “front door” #theidearoom – Neighbors?

Shut the front door. Remember that? It was really popular a few years back. It’ll be an indicator of age eventually.

In the last I didn’t use the front door much. In this one I use it less. Nobody in America really uses the front door anymore. (At least here in Minnesota, maybe different regions of the US do.) Instead we tend to have a large door specifically for our vehicles. That door is generally opened and closed automatically via a button in the vehicle. It leads to an under-insulated room of our house which is attached. There usually is a wall with similar thickness and insulation to the outside walls in-between the main living spaces and this room, and not generally any HVAC service. Because of the button in the vehicle it’s not unusual for the big door to be closing before anyone exits the vehicle, and not opened until people are already in it.

Further reducing the use of the front door is the fence around the back-yard. Instead of letting the kids out front to play, or heading out the front to the neighborhood park, we let them loose in the backyard.

This loss of the front door is, to me, tied directly to the lack of neighborly connection. Since we’re always isolated near our home we are no longer meeting our neighbors. If we assume that this is a major cause then we next have to decide if that is good or bad, and if bad how do we change it?

TWB 27 – You started it.

Monday I took the kids to play after school so Heather could finish the shopping we didn’t get done over the weekend. After dinner Gideon picked Chuggington.
Heather read Llama Llama Holiday Drama to both kids while I read them I’ve Seen Santa.

Tuesday was a late one. Gideon has complained in the past about not getting to stay and play at Love to Grow On, so since Heather had a late meeting we decided to do a late pick-up. Turns out, the kids didn’t like that. Sometimes we just can’t win. (I think if they had been playing in a snowy backyard things might have been different.) They were mad I didn’t pick them up and go play instead. Cecilia picked Little Einsteins after dinner.
Heather read Gideon’s latest class book to both kids.
I read Gideon and Cecilia Gideon’s Little Elf book.

Wednesday it was Heather’s turn to take the kids to the community center. Other than that, a pretty normal day. Gideon picked Handy Manny to finish it off.
Heather read both kids The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever.
I read both kids Counting Christmas.

Thursday I got home late due to a work party and the kids both lost their show privileges for the night. That’s probably enough said about that.
Cecilia had Let It Snow read to her by Heather while I read her the Barbie Secret Door book.
Gideon begged Heather to finish his Big Book of Airplanes and then I read him Let It Snow.

Friday was a long day. We split the kids for pickup after work in an attempt to get them done with their Christmas gift purchases. Well, mostly done. They couldn’t get something for the parent that was with them. I took Gideon and Heather took Cecilia. It was a mostly fruitful day for everyone involved. Gideon had known he wouldn’t get a show earlier, so how late we got back didn’t phase him. (Fall out from the previous day.) We had family story and ended up letting Cecilia choose a story or show. Since she choose a show (Doc McStuffins I think?) we let Gideon play while she watched it before they both went to bed in their tents.
Gideon did get The Foot Book from me before he played for the rest of Cecilia’s show.

Saturday was a long one. In the morning I took the kids to do some “independent” gift buying for Heather and I at the Shoreview Community Center. Since we were there I let them then play for a while in the indoor playground and basketball gym. Heather finished up some shopping with the magic of the internet while we were gone. In the afternoon we took in a rendition of “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” at a nearby church before heading out to the Sturm’s annual Christmas Dinner to see some people we rarely hang out with anymore. (Life does that you know.) The nighttime show started on the drive there with a final bit in the house after the drive back, it was The Incredibles chosen by Gideon. Even with the late hour we were able to have family story time, but no individual stories tonight.

Sunday we spent the day at home. Partially because Cecilia literally ate herself sick the night before. She liked the chocolate cake at the Sturms so much she overate and gave it to the toilet when we got home. We also knew that we had a heck of a week coming up. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday all are going to be late nights. Cecilia picked Frosty Returns after a pizza dinner and two episodes of Amazing Race. We’re past Halloween now!
Heather read both kids Millie in the Snow.
I read both kids Santa Knows.