A New Venture, Selling Books

20161019_195609As many of you know reading is something our family loves to do. Adam and I have been avid readers most of our lives. More recently Adam has embarked on a career as an Author when the job market proved saturated here in the Denver/Colorado Springs areas. This love for reading and learning is something we strive to pass on to our kids. We’ve read to them almost every night since they were babies, we visit the library regularly, and we are always looking to build our home library.

A few years back while trying to build our home library we came across Usborne books thanks to one of the daycare’s teachers. (Yes, their sales model is largely direct marketing.) Some of these books, such as “You Choose” and “Fairy Ponies” have become among the kids’ favorites. In the last week or so I attended a virtual party on Facebook and found many new books I wanted to add to our collection, as well as gaining more Christmas gift ideas.

With our current financial situation, it’s proving tough to find the money for all of the books we want to get. This party included a little more information on the business side and becoming a consultant than previous parties I’ve attended have. What I learned is that the discount could really help us afford the purchases we were looking to make. In doing the math I figured that even if we end up only getting the discount for a few years we’ll probably break even on the start-up costs. That said, we like the idea of getting some extra income on the side while simultaneously sharing our love of reading and learning with others.

If you haven’t heard of Usborne books I understand. It seems most schools out here use their competitor, Scholastic, for book fairs. Usborne is very similar in what they do. They concentrate on books for kids in Elementary or Preschool. They have exclusive books that aren’t available elsewhere. Their prices and quality levels line up with each other. Usborne even has a school book fair program that we would love to learn more about so we can share. (Maybe next year.)

As we head into the holiday season we’d love to help you find some books to give out as gifts, whether to your children, grandchildren, or friends children. The primary marketing method, and the one that gives the best discounts for everyone involved, is the party method known by us all. Usborne allows not only on-location, but also Facebook parties so we can do this from anywhere and include friends from all over. As new members of the Usborne team we are allowed to offer an extra discount to hosts for the first couple of months so please contact us to set something up as soon as possible. If you could also keep our family and our new ventures in your prayers, we would appreciate that as well.

Our storefront: https://1106185.myubam.com/

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