Adams Newest Project

I have started a new blog which has a decent chance of growing. It is actually not the blog topic and title I thought I would be starting, but it is the one I feel ready to do. The primary audience is Agilists, project managers, software developers, and leaders in roughly that order.

As my previous post indicated I have undertaken a move to change my career trajectory from one of a developer/architect to one of a project manager. With a technology and software background it became easy to see that the right path was via Agile methods. General agile feels like it is at a tipping point now, and the right time to get into the certification is before it tips over. I think it will tip over in a good way, getting harder to achieve and being worth more to the industry.

This is in contrast to what appears to have happened to the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification. It seems to have tipped the other direction. It became known as a bit of a rubber stamp certification. Simply spending money on a class resulted in the certification. The classes had little oversight and ranged from very good to barely worthwhile. In its defense The Scrum Alliance is working hard to reverse this perception and has been making it a harder certification to get in the last few years.

All of this is really just my musings on why I choose this certification path. The new blog is going to be much more. I am writing about implementing agile in the company I work for. I am writing about what agile is and why it matters. I will do book reviews. I will do course reviews. I hope to build a community of Agilists and those interested in what Agile can do for them. I am constantly learning and improving my knowledge base while building experience. The new blog is my outlet for that, and hopefully becomes a place others feed into as well.

You can see it over at I have also set it up on Twitter and Facebook.

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