Another Week Flies By

Well it’s hard to believe but it has been another week already since I last wrote.  Some days time seems to go so slowly especially when little toddlers don’t want to listen and other times it just flies on by.

I don’t have a lot of time but will share a few moments from the week that have made me smile:

– Today before getting out of the car the kids had to hug each other just because.

– Just a prime example of the two very different personalities of our kids.  Both were faced with the same problem earlier today.  The balloon they were playing with ended up out of reach in their cousins pack-n-play.  Cecilia’s response – Climb up the stairs reach through the railing and start trying to get the balloon herself. (Note: I stepped in so she didn’t fall down the stairs so don’t know if she would have figured it out eventually or not.)  Gideon’s response – Ask his cousin to help him reach it.

– Playing in the “castle” (under the dining room table) with my two little kids for a little while.  I had to call it quits when my neck started hurting.  Adults just don’t fit as easily as little toddlers.

– Gideon having talked about wanting to be spiderman for Halloween for at least a week once in the aisle of costumes decides on something else.  Go figure.

I’m constantly amazed at how quickly they are growing up.  Cecilia is starting to use full phrases.  I can’t remember what the one was yesterday that made us really go that was good right now but I do remember it happening.  And Gideon continues to amaze me with his logic.  Several times this week he has strung several ideas together in a logical order.  Unfortunately I can’t think of a good example at the moment.  If I come up with one I’ll have to add another post but hey I never claimed to be a night/evening person and my brain has started to shut down for the night.

So until next time.

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