Blame the holidays.

That’s what I’m going to do here, I’m going to blame the holidays. I just noticed I haven’t posted since essentially Thanksgiving. I’ve been barely keeping up with entering the weekly posts during this time. Truth be told I’ll notice that I missed Monday morning for a post and for some reason decide that means I can’t post until the following Monday morning.

I plan to change that. I may post a couple a week for a bit to catch back up some as well since it’s pretty far behind at this point. Maybe not though, we’ll see. I do have one scheduled for tomorrow morning already. Depending on how the afternoon here goes I may also schedule the next few weeks. I do need to get some more titles though, my backlog of titles is getting shorter.

One way I think I’ll change it is to change the feel a little. I’ll keep the “TWB” title as it seems fine to me, but I’ll stop trying to make it so much about bedtime. Honestly anyone that’s actually been reading knows it hasn’t been strictly about bedtime for quite a while. In fact if I don’t manage to capture the shows and stories right away they basically are lost to time. What happened in the family during the day isn’t as hard to discern, so I’ll allow myself to officially switch focus. With it being so far behind I might even be able to talk about some “upcoming” things.

That’s all for today. Watch here for a post tomorrow, like I said it’s already scheduled and will go up.

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