Career Development

As I look to the future of what I want to do as it relates to work I know that to get there I need to invest in myself in some way. Relying on my employer to do that investment only works as long as what I want to do lines up precisely with what the company wants or needs me to do. With that in mind I have decided to self-fund a new certification instead of trying to get the company to pay for it. Thus starts my road to a PMI-ACP certification. Ok, it really started a month and a half or so back, and kicked into high gear about a month ago.

Heather and I talked about it and decided that we were going to pay for this out of our own pockets. This wasn’t because there was no way to get reimbursement  but as a testament to the fact that this is the direction I feel like I need to go. However, my manager would have none of that. He told me not only to turn in the receipt for the class I was taking but that he also wanted me to specifically not pay for the exam in the next month. Instead he plans to have the company cover it via a purchase order.

The truth here is that I started this post about a week and a half ago, so I am going to keep it short and post this. Next I think I will post a little more about what exactly a PMI-ACP is, why I would like to move that direction, and how I think it will be used over the next year.

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