Continued accountability.

I am going to do my best to post here weekly as a way to force myself to make progress on both the job search and writing. For this week I am sick again. I believe this means I have been sick more than healthy since losing my job. Yay.

I am doing OK with 55 word stories. When I actually decide to write some they come out. Nobody has left feedback, but that’s fine. I have struggled with twitter stories. 140 characters is tough. My goal is novellas and novels, so I think I’m ok with that though. I bet many published authors would struggle with twitter stories.

I was planning to start 100 word stories this week, but I was also expecting to be healthy enough to write every day. I honestly barely got through a video yesterday during the day. It hasn’t been fun. I think the 100 word stories I will post to the blog, so twitter followers will see them.

I continue pursuing Scrum Master and Software Development Manager/Project Manager positions. Nothing new to report there though. When I get through the videos I think I’ll split my writing between a non-fiction Scrum book I have planned and fiction. I feel having a Scrum book published would be a big boost for the job search, especially if I can do it well.

That’s all for now. I need to go see if this is strep or just a random virus. Especially since this is round 2.