Crazy Weeks

It’s midway through September and Heather and I are both ready for a break, but we won’t get a slow down until, I dunno, mid-October? The last couple weeks have seen Heather working hard at birthday party stuff for Cecilia, and this weekend I’m attending a local writer’s conference. The kids days off of school start within a couple of weeks, including their first two and half week break at the beginning of October, so busy.

The kids are still excited about getting a new sibling. The novel is coming along nicely. I sold one copy of the short story. I think Amazon’s page told me to over price it and am dropping it down to $0.99 for a few weeks to see if there’s any difference. I’ve also started one of two non-fiction books in an undeserved niche that I think will be worth the effort. I hope to have the first one live by the end of the month. That does mean less short stories being written, but I think that’s ok for now. I think the non-fiction novel is going to be better at getting some income in the short-term whereas short stories are part of the longer-term play.

Some freelance writing work should be coming in the next month. I found a service that pays alright, not as well as direct contract work, but better than similar services traditionally have. The other thing I believe to be true is that I’ll actually be able to refer back to the work I do for them as examples (“clips” in the biz) for prospective direct clients. Ultimately this is a way to get income on the way in while building up a base of released books. I see writing such as this as the short-term filler for the long-term game of being an author.

That’s all for now. Every minute writing this is minutes not writing other stuff!

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