Here we are, surrounded by snow.

I did mean to post this update earlier this week, but stuff happens right? In our case what happens is the first year we skip flu vaccinations Gideon gets the Flu. Yes, diagnosed and verified by testing. So that made for a great end to the week for him. Add in the snow and we’ve all been more or less stuck inside not doing much for a couple of days. I did do the driveway twice and Heather went outside to play with each of the kids separately. Gideon wanted to get out so bad that we let him, he seems to be mostly recovered anyhow. He actually lasted longer than Cecilia did earlier in the day.

So, updates for me. After a vacation I finally am getting back into the freelancing classes. The available resources are impressive for the fee. ($25 a month) Anyone else interested in freelance writing would be well-served to sign up when they can. Let me know and I’ll get you some info.

I have finished an outline of a book that I didn’t expect to write. I’ll start the rough draft next week. Maybe when this one is out I’ll be able to start that fantasy epic, but I have a feeling this book will spawn a couple more before the characters let me take a break. That’s OK though, I should write the stories that are bursting to get out versus the ones I need to force out because I like them. I’ll start looking for beta readers as I’m cleaning up draft 1. The book is geared to the 4th grade crowd, give or take. It’s a general fictional story set in more or less today’s real world. If you’re interested let me know. My plan is to be done with the draft by the end of this month.

The job-hunt is hanging steady at 1-2 leads a week. That said, this last weeks leads felt a little stronger than most. Nothing really worth reporting yet, but perhaps at the coming weeks update there will be.

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