Merry Christmas 2015

We’ve been busy spending time with family such that we didn’t get this posted right away but for those who we don’t have address information for.  Here is our Christmas letter and a hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas.


20151227_181857 20151227_181908Dear Friends and Family,
We hope this letter finds you and your family doing well this Christmas season. 2015 has been a year filled with growth and change for our family. The two largest changes were our move to Colorado at the end of June and Adam’s new job in August. For those who don’t know the story we have been looking at moving to Colorado to be closer to Heather’s family for a while. Last year’s move to Circle Pines was part of this process. Finally, this April, after finding out that Boston Scientific would allow Heather to work remotely for a period of time we decided to make the move. We started making plans and although there have definitely been moments of needing to trust God it has been good for our family overall and it is clear that God is working.
Other Highlights of the year include:
* A family getaway to Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Waterpark over Valentine’s Day weekend which was a wonderful decision. We were just about able to pretend it wasn’t winter for the weekend. The kids have been asking to go back since we left. One is supposed to open in Colorado Springs in 2016 so we will see.
* Gideon’s first year of Little League baseball, which he really enjoyed from March to June. These four months were a little long but worth it. It was coach pitch and Gideon was telling us he was ready for kid pitch partway through the season.
* Cecilia participating in Gymnastics and loving it in May and June. She seemed to like this more than the dance class she had been in previously. We really need to find time to let her do it again.
* Gideon’s Kindergarten Graduation in June.
* Cecilia’s Preschool Graduation in June.
* Annual Camping Trip to Great Sand Dunes the end of July.
* Start of First Grade (Gideon) and Kindergarten (Cecilia) in August. We were a little wary of the school at first since it uses a style of teaching we weren’t sure would be good for Gideon. Cecilia appears to be thriving and Gideon is doing well. He says he prefers it to the one in Circle Pines. The biggest thing they miss in terms of school is Love To Grow On.
* Attending the wedding of two of Heather’s cousins (1 in April and 1 in September). Heather also attended a third cousin’s wedding in December. We wished the whole family could have gone but between the cost of airline tickets and missing school we just couldn’t pull it off.
* And lots of family time going to parks, on bike rides, and just enjoying being together.
As we look ahead to next year we look forward to seeing what else God has in store for us. And pray that he will bless you and your family as well.
With Love,
The Myhr Family (Adam, Heather, Gideon, and Cecilia)

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