Mid-October Memories 2012

Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling the greatest Sunday afternoon so I’ll give a quick update mid-week this week.  This past weekend we went to the farm where we have been CSA members this year to pick up our final “regular season” box of produce, get some pumpkins, and some chickens on Saturday.  It was a little bit of a chilly Saturday but the kids still enjoyed it.

Afterwards we went out to lunch at a restaurant.  The kids seemed to enjoy the restaurant and when we asked Gideon if it was a good one his reply was “Yes.  Because I picked it.”

Some of my favorite little memories of the week:

– While shopping at Home Depot Gideon had to ask everyone we met what their name was.  Employee or otherwise.  When they asked his name in return his reply was always “Gideon James Myhr”.  Have to give the full one.  Hopefully he will continue to be friendly and outgoing as he grows.

– Cecilia our “Little Miss Independent” always wants to do things by herself.  It is great to see her desire to figure it out although very frustrating at times as well.  Since she is so independent we decided to try some pull-ups this weekend so she could do it herself.  Ironically she wanted them to be like a diaper most of the time. (Somehow the one’s I had picked had tabs similar to diapers although a little easier to “restick”).  Although she did like doing it completely herself once or twice and convincing her that we need the diaper at bedtime was a bit of a challenge.

Well that is a couple short memories for you.  And I’ll leave you with some pictures.  The following were the cookies that came as part of the kids meals at the restaurant Saturday. Literally as big as their heads as you can see.  Enjoy.

Until next time.

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