Moving On

This one was hard for me. I think I tend to write character driven stories, so featuring a setting so prominently felt wrong to me. I gave it a go though, part of this month is about challenging oneself and becoming better through those challenges. Hopefully when it’s all done I will have gotten better.


Paint A Vivid Setting

And now for something completely different!

The Prompt

Write a story in which the setting is key


  • Choose a setting for your story based on a real place that you know intimately. You can change details, of course, but this just makes it easier to summon up images in your mind. You can change it to be it futuristic, or historical, or on another planet, but base your buildings on building as you know, base the weather on whether you understand. Use your experiences to make this story shine.

<– Write Below This Line –>

The wind blew across his skin as he faced it with his eyes closed. The smell of fresh soil greeted his every breath. He opened his eyes and looked out over the country-side. The sky was a beautiful white streaked blue. As his gaze tracked down he saw the bright green of the forest. Closer in the fields took over, where his people had bent nature to their whims. He heard the faint sound of a tractor turning the soil down below, preparing for the next planting cycle.

Sigh. I don’t want to go back.

He turned and looked back over a cliff. There were his people. They gathered around a small fire, waiting for him to return. They didn’t know where he went. The wind blew the sound of their camp away from him, making it look like a silent film playing out in the distance. He closed hi eyes again.

I don’t have to go back.

He slowly turned back into the wind. He spread his arms wide and felt it encircle his body. The farm is automated and provides all the food they need. The cliff provided shelter. There were other people who needed him more. He could hear them on the wind.

I won’t go back.

He allowed the wind to lift him, changing as he rose. His clothes faded to feathers. His legs swept out behind him.

I will find new people.

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