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Anyone who has preschoolers in this day and age knows that some nights a 30 minute TV show is worth the cost of an entire months cable subscription. Our nighttime routine has become a half hour show followed by bedtime stories.

The show so far has been a Disney Junior show. (25 minutes or so.) As they are commercial free they are generally followed by 5 minutes of station promos. In these promos is usually a 30-60 second short. At some point this 5 minutes segment became known as the “wait.”

Stories at this point consist of each child getting a story from Mom and a separate one from Dad. The boys are usually together first, then the parents swap rooms. Pretty soon, especially with Gideon, we should change this up to part of a longer story.

There are exceptions. Late nights don’t always result in both, or either, bedtime event. If one parent is not home for bedtime the other usually reads two stories, one picked by each child, to both of them.

Where am I going with this? It started with a desire to prove that Gideon really was going overboard with wanting Dr Suess’s 500 ahts of Bartholomew Cubbins. Then I wished I had come up with the idea years ago. Finally I decided I’d just go forward with the idea. The result is going to be a weekly update on the standard entertainment for the week..


Starting tomorrow.

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