PAD “candle” #theidearoom – Cats, Kids, and Candles


I miss candles.

Before getting married I had a cat. I decided to rethink candle usage one day when the cat wanted to join me at the computer desk and stood over the top of a candle. It took only moments to notice, and I noticed first. Thankfully. Imagine if the cat had noticed first. Likely after his fur had lit. In a bachelor pad basement with old furniture and carpeting. Not having the time or patience to train the cat (or he would’ve learned to use the toilet) I eliminated candle usage.

After getting married the cat stayed behind. 🙁  Heather and I did use candles a decent amount though. Then we had kids. It doesn’t take much thought to realize that candles and preschool kids are not the best of matches.

Now Gideon is in Kindergarten and Cecilia is not far behind. Maybe we can look at bringing candles back in the near future…

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