PAD “ornament” #theidearoom – Memories

A bit of painted plastic. Some wire or fishing line. Glitter and cloth. It seems so simple on the surface.

This one is from the first family trip I remember. We were so happy then. It was so weird, a Christmas store in the desert, in July. Looking back now it sounds kind of cheesy. I mean, “Christmas in July” right?

They tell me that one is from my first Christmas. I don’t remember it at all. It’s probably for the best. Who wants to remember being poopy and helpless all the time? I don’t remember the aunt it came from either. I’m told my Dad and her were inseparable as kids though.

I haven’t seen these in a long time. The year we found out Mom was sick we got them as a family. It was an act of defiance. We weren’t going to let that ruin our time together. That year was the best Christmas ever.

I’ll get that one. She made it for me the year she died. Dad tried to decorate the tree like always that year. It looked so bad. I remember my sister yelling at him and storming out. He just kind of stood there looking at the tree after she left.

Christmas was different after that year. We still decorated. There were a lot of happy times too. We never brought this box out though. I think we needed to be together, free of the past.

It’s time now. We aren’t always together anymore. Time and distance has tempered the pain and enhanced the joy. We should remember now. He should remember now.

Much of the writing I do here is “real life.” This is not. I have no sister. My parents are both alive. Stories not grounded in reality may be common for the PAD series. Then again, they may not. If you are ever curious if one is “real” or not feel free to ask.

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