PAD “silver” #theidearoom – The Quest

My initial inspiration here is for a short story that I can’t do justice in such a short time. Here’s a bit of a look at what part of it may look like if I actually try writing it. (I created an initial draft idea.)

He didn’t realize it but he was on his own now. He hadn’t even noticed when they got separated. It didn’t take long in these tunnels. His problem wasn’t one of pausing though, his was one of movement.

He had kept going when the others paused. Heading forward unseen by the rest until it was too late. The twists, turns, dips and rises in were much to numerous and confusing for there to be any hope of finding him. He was more likely to stumble upon them on accident due to the crisscrossing that defied all attempts at maintaining a single direction.

He wouldn’t care when he finally did notice though. He had one thing on his mind. Metal. All indications were that one of the rarest and most precious metals was to be found deep in these tunnels. This is why they came. This is why he came.

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