PAD “sparkly” #theidearoom – Two Things

Sparkly reminds me of two things. New and twinkling.

New things sparkle and shine, and this is the season to give new things out. New things seem to have more sparkle when they are gifts from a loved one then when they are bought from the store for oneself. Houses have more shine during the holidays when everyone cleans up to get ready for family visits.

The classic twinkling during the holidays is the twinkle in Santa’s eyes.
The twinkle of lights on trees and stars in the sky.
Twinkling we see in a baby’s smile.
Twinkling helps us go the extra mile.

Try to catch the twinkle in the eyes of the children as they unwrap their shiny new toys in the sparkly light of the Christmas tree this year. It will be worth the effort.

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