PAD “tree” #theidearoom – Past, Present, Future

When we were in Elk River we had settled on two trees for Christmas. One was a real one on the front porch. There was a light socket right above it that worked wonderfully for plugging a converter into so the trees lights could be done from above. The one inside was a pre-lit fake tree that centered the decorations on the main level quite well.

I don’t remember every iteration we went through to get to that point. I think we tried just a live tree for the first year or two. There was also at least one year with a tree both upstairs and down. The Christmas with another family in the house was memorable as well.

Going all the way back to Coon Rapids I know we tried the cut your own route at least one time, maybe two. It didn’t stick, so that wasn’t really our thing.

This year it’s only the pre-lit tree. Nothing else would fit even if we tried. Well, technically something could, but it wouldn’t be good for anyone involved. In the future who knows what our new tree strategy will be. It really depends largely on what our living arrangement looks like the next few years.

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