Silence is Golden

I don’t really feel that way. I have trouble with silence.

In an office setting this can be tough. Why? I also have trouble with blocking out the world. I need speakers loud enough for me to hear but quiet enough to not disturb others. Alternatively I need headphones that don’t block out what little noise is around while allowing me to hear clearly.

At home this translates to either a radio or TV on all the time. With no radio on the main level I actually make use of the digital music stations on cable often.

There is, of course, one more thing about this. Heather likes silence. She would prefer the radio background noise was non-existent. I think she has been more or less OK with most of the background music I put into place during the day. On the weekends I wait as long as I can in the morning before I put it on. In the car? Well, she’s never needed me to completely cut it all out.

This random thought brought to you by me needing to write more. Normally I would try to make something that had more of a conclusion or point, but a headache is starting and I want to force myself to put stuff online.

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