Spring, Winter, Summer, Whatever.

Yes, I did a title about the weather, but the post isn’t about the weather.

Another week another couple of positions put in for. No bites yet but there’s always a chance.

I’ve been researching the proper way to break into freelance writing and hope to get some actual traction there in the next couple weeks.

The last week was a little slow for story writing. I started my first pass at an outline. I’ve done a lot of research on process for writing stories and think I’m going the right direction. The outline in this case is done as more of a tentative guide than an actual outline. Moving from it to the actual story it isn’t followed the way an outline for a research paper leads to the final product. That said I think I know roughly what the first couple chapters will include.

That’s all for now. Yesterday was extremely long and the hosting server for the site was down earlier when I tried posting. Next week will have more I’m sure.

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