TWB 44 – I was silent like a Ninja!

Monday Heather’s trips to practice with Gideon started. Since she had been the only one at the Team Parents meeting she needed to get information to the rest of the team parents, and find an ally or two to help with the administrative overhead. Gideon picked Arthur before he left. Our current process for late practice days is a show and story before leaving, straight to bed after.
Gideon had me read Arthur’s Halloween and we looked for the names of the authors kids.
Cecilia had me read Georgia the Gingerbread Fairy.

Tuesday they got to watch Penguins of Madagascar for the car ride to and from Elk River. No stories, but we did finish the movie inside after getting jammies on.

Wednesday Heather had to bring Gideon again. Not all the parents had previously been there. Specifically one of the parents she needed to talk to wasn’t there. This time it was an early practice so they were back at a reasonable time. Cecilia picked Team UmiZumi.
The kids both had me read Gideon latest library book, Arthur’s Birthday.
Heather read Gideon another chapter from Paddington. I’m not sure what she read Cecilia.

Thursday was Cecilia’s turn to be out late. She had a gymnastics introduction class. Of course she wanted to keep at it and take more, so we signed up for weekly sessions. Gideon picked Arthur again which was watched before they left.
Cecilia had me read Arthur’s Birthday as did Gideon.

Friday the Huisinga’s got to have a date night. Gideon looked very tired when I picked him up and Cecilia had a rough start to her day. We were bracing for the worst. Everyone was ready for some rest whether they knew it or not. All five kids were bouncing off the walls waiting to eat and after, so we took them to a park for a bit. I took the three little huisinag’s home which didn’t go over well with our two. Eventually they calmed down and Cecilia picked Team UmiZoomi. (Apparently sleeping in their tents with the tunnels leading to the hall was part of them calming down.)
Gideon and Cecilia listened to Heather read both of the class books brought home by Gideon.

Saturday morning was park cleanup day for Centennial Little League. Gideon’s team and another from the coach pitch league had a small park with a single ball field to work on. All of the kids did great. Cecilia participated even though it wasn’t her playing ball. Gideon was the last kid working on getting the field ready. We let them play for a bit before heading home so we could walk to the picnic and exhibition game party that kicked off the season after. Gideon picked The Land Before Time.
Gideon had Heather read Lego Star Wars a New Hope and me read Sheep Blast Off. He later tried to get me to read another one because that story was short, but I declined as he was supposed to be sleeping.
Cecilia had me finish her chapter book Blondie Rapunzel’s Royal Pony. I’m not sure what Heather read her.

Sunday we did haircuts for the kids. We also had lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack. The close one has an outdoor playground that the kids love to head to before and after eating. One of the few places to get decent for you food and let the kids play. After rest time it didn’t take long to tell that everyone was still exhausted. Gideon wanted to make dinner, so Heather helped him with that. She let him do everything practical for his age and size. After a bit of Amazing Race Cecilia picked Dora.
Gideon had Heather read him his customized I Spy style book and had me read him Caps for Sale.
Cecilia fell asleep to me reading her The Pirate Fairy after Heather read her something else. I almost got caught stopping early as she stirred when I got off the bed, but she pretty much turned to her side and went to sleep as she asked if that was the end.

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