TWB 45 – I did it uh huh, oh yea.

Monday saw the start of what was to be another long week on a wonderful note. The kids had turned the volume on our alarm off while playing over the weekend, so it didn’t wake us up. That put the whole day out of whack of course. The evening was going a little slow as well and Gideon didn’t get to see a show or get stories before he left for a late practice with Heather, where the other team parent didn’t make it. Cecilia picked Team UmiZoomi for a nighttime show.
Cecilia asked me to read her two stories, so we read both Gideon’s latest class book and Barbie Secret Door, A True Princess.

Tuesday the kids got to get new bike helmets fitted at Blaine City Hall. Cecilia was a little leery of it at first, not wanting to let the fireman help her. After finding the right helmet she warmed up though. Our night-time show was Land Before Time courtesy of Gideon. Heather was getting a haircut and didn’t read to the kids as they were almost asleep by the time she got back.
Gideon had me read his class book.
Cecilia had a rough time after the show. She ended up not getting a story, and accepted it surprisingly fast. Oh, she was mad and crying, but she didn’t spend a long time trying to change the outcome.

Wednesday I surprised Gideon by being a chaperon for his field trip to the Children’s Museum. We went to practice as a family and the other team parent still wasn’t there. Turns out her child has been sick. We treated the kids to Orange Leaf thanks to the 4/15 sale. Cecilia Picked Team UmiZoomi to watch while we ate.
Gideon had me read a Fly Guy book for his story, and Cecilia had Heather do the same for hers.

Thursday I brought Cecilia to gymnastics after a fast diner and show. Gideon picked Land Before Time.
Cecilia had me to read her Arthur’s Thanksgiving. I didn’t read to Gideon and am not sure what he read with Heather.

Friday we flew out to Colorado for the weekend. The trip to the airport was immediately after work. We let the kids use their tablets on the plane. Gideon actually surprised me a little with how much he wanted to watch outside instead of play. Cecilia had Heather read to her a little bit. Both of them fell asleep on the car ride to the grandparents. (It was past 10 on their internal clocks.)

Saturday we had a wedding in the afternoon. With Heather’s parents helping and the wedding a good distance from her parents place we ended up spending a good deal of the day there. The kids did exceptionally well considering. The wedding ceremony was nice and the celebration was enjoyed by all. Cecilia picked Bob the Builder from the available choices at the grandparents place. After this was a pretty huge meltdown by Cecilia. I held her and talked to her until we were able to get through it.
Gideon had Heather read to him from Pinkalicious it sounded like. Then she read to Cecilia from the same book. I read to Cecilia from the Little Critter Collection.

Sunday we didn’t do much in the first part of the day. This was fine by me as I had been sick all weekend. After Toy Story 3 for a rest time movie we headed out to meet up with Heather’s grandparents for dinner before catching our flight. This was a flight destined to get us home extremely late. The kids both stayed awake the whole flight playing on the tablets. They also both fell asleep pretty quickly on the ride home after a landing time of around 11pm. Neither one really woke up getting put into bed, which is good.

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