TWB 65 – My alarm knows the pledge of allegiance.

Monday I was late getting home from work. We had interviews and the discussion after went a little long as the choice was a very difficult one. It was one of those times where I really didn’t mind not being in charge. The night kind of flew by with dinner as soon as I got home, shows as soon as I was done helping to clean up, and then stories. Gideon picked some show that I didn’t recognize. It’s good to see him trying new things out. I don’t remember what we read, but don’t think we read any of the school library books.

Tuesday Cecilia asked me in the morning to come home earlier. I did. I got out on time and the drive home wasn’t horrible, just bad. I think it’s going to stay bad until next summer or so when the two main construction projects along my route are scheduled to finish. Cecilia said my getting home time was perfect. Gideon helped Heather make dinner by cutting the tomatoes. After dinner Heather left for the equivalent of MoPs but for moms with school-agers. Cecilia had a bit of a rough go, but after a little bit and some playing with Gideon and I in her room she was fine. She picked Paw Patrol. I read them a book about helicopters from Gideon’s library collection for the week and The Gingerbread Girl from Cecilia’s room.

Wednesday I spent most of the workday at Denver International Airport. While I’ve been to DIA many times in the past it’s always been as a casual traveler. This time it was business, and not business travel. While it was a great learning experience for what we have going on there and how it’s working out it did result in me getting home very late. The kids got to have a special pizza and movie night. Partially to help raise money for their school and partially to help keep Heather’s stress level down. I got home before the movie ended and the kids got stories from us both. Gideon returned to the Encyclopedia Brown books while Cecilia had The Gingerbread Girl and Jeremy’s Muffler.

Thursday I got home at a decent time, but the kids had started to have a rough afternoon. Gideon woke up in the middle of the previous night with a bad dream, so I understood him being tired. Cecilia I’m not sure about though. I started reading Gideon a book about stealth fighters. Cecilia ended up not getting a story from me due to having a rough night.

Friday was Doughnuts With Dads at the kids school. I went to work late after heading up with the kids to enjoy a doughnut together and check out their classrooms. It was also a short day for me at work. Cecilia’s birthday too. And our anniversary. Gideon still had to get Cecilia a birthday present, so I brought him to the store immediately after school. It was PJ and Snuggly day for him, so he was in jammies but didn’t care. Heather’s parents had come up to have lunch with Cecilia and they stuck around for her birthday dinner too. Cecilia eventually picked Red Robin, but wanted a play place. We decided to get our food to go and went to a park we hadn’t visited before. Cecilia loved her kick scooter, she’d been asking for one for weeks. After Cecilia picked Paw Patrol I read her new library book to her while I read Gideon a chapter from a book on stealth fighters he had from school.

Saturday Cecilia had a birthday party. There were only two kids from her class that managed to make it out of 8 invited. Considering how new to the area we are we didn’t feel that was too bad. The day started with Home Depot’s first Saturday. We exchanged one of Cecilia’s presents at Walmart which I forgot to test at the store after Gideon picked it out. While there Gideon spent some of his money to get a scooter like the one that Cecilia had gotten for her birthday. After lunch was the party at which the kids all had a good time. Following church we watched a little America’s Got Talent (about 15 episodes behind) while eating and finally had stories before a late bedtime.
Gideon wanted to take a break from the library book about Stealth with me and instead had me read a couple pages from his Big Book of Airplanes after Heather read him Encyclopedia Brown. We both read to Cecilia from her new 5 minute Princess Stories book.

Sunday Cecilia spent most of the morning asking if it was time for the tea party yet. Heather’s aunt put one on as a small celebration of three birthdays all at about the same time. Cecilia loved it and Gideon and I hung out at home some. We were waiting for a delivery so couldn’t go anywhere unfortunately. When the girls got home we immediately set out for Colorado Springs to enjoy a bit of the evening activities for the Colorado Springs Labor Day Liftoff. This of course meant no shows and no stories, though Cecilia managed to get one out of Heather due to the energy gained by her nap on the way home.

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