TWB 66 – I want something to eat that’s not healthy.

Monday was a holiday here in the states. After such a late night Sunday we all slept in a little. It turned out to be a quiet day at home for the most part. Heather and Cecilia went to the store for some groceries and we watched some more America’s Got Talent. I think we’ll finish this season before the next one starts. After that Cecilia picked Paw Patrol for an early night-time show.
Gideon had me finish his F-117/A book. Cecilia continued her 5 minute princess stories.

Tuesday it was back to work. I was home before the kids were back from swimming. We had a dinner and a bit of a rough night getting God time, show, and stories. That show was Shimmer & Shine which was new as of this fall.
Gideon had snake books from the school library this time, so I doubt Heather read any of those to him. Cecilia continued with the princess stories. After bedtime routines were done and while I was typing this Gideon moved all his animals to his sleeping bag so he could save them if there was a fire.

Wednesday I got home right as the kids were heading out to the park with Heather. Unfortunately they were coming back right as I was ready to head out and join them. After dinner and Cecilia picking Paw Patrol they got stories.
They had to go to our room for the ones from Heather as she got hit by a really bad headache over dinner. I read Gideon some more out of his snake book and continued the princess stories with Cecilia.

Thursday started with me apparently not getting my lips wet enough before giving Cecilia a goodbye kiss. None of us are sure where she got this idea that people needed really wet lips before kissing her. I got home a little early, but used the extra time to get logged in to work and catch up on the day while the kids went to Swim lessons. They got back right as I finished. After dinner together Gideon picked a couple of Teen Titans Go episodes after which we continued the same stories we’ve had all week.

Friday morning I got a bit of a slow start. I didn’t hurry out either as the kids were going straight to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s after school. They were getting the weekend there and Heather and I were getting the weekend here. I know the kids brought their school library books to the grandparents place.

Saturday the kids went for a hike. So did Heather and I, but not the same one. We also went to a murder mystery dinner on The Royal Gorge, the kids did not.

Sunday Cecilia had a birthday party that was low enough on responses Gideon was invited to join. (The reserved location was for “up to” a number of kids.) It was after the party we met back up with the kids. They were happy to be home and see us. We ended the weekend with a pizza dinner. Cecilia decided to watch Paw Patrol. I read Encyclopedia Brown to Gideon, but I don’t remember what I read Cecilia.

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