TWB 67 – I don’t know how to be quiet.

Monday it was back to normal for the most part. After school was Gideon’s first Cub Scouts meeting. He seemed to enjoy it and there’s a good chance this will be good for him. We got home while Cecilia was finishing her show, Paw Patrol of course. No stories for either of them as the show was started late and ended late.

Tuesday Gideon had some trouble getting up. Hopefully this isn’t a sign and was an isolated incident. I worked from home to attend a “virtual conference.” I’ve watched/participated in many webinars, and this essentially was a full day of webinars instead of a full day of presentations in a hotel conference room. They even had them available for replay immediately after the presentation which allowed me to still attend my job meetings and just play the missed sessions after for a slightly longer than normal work day, watching webinars instead of driving. After the kids swim lessons Gideon picked Shimmer and Shine for a bedtime show.
I read him a shark book he got from the library while Cecilia had another princess story for me to read.

Wednesday I hurried out of the house giving a goodbye to the kids as their alarms started going off. This is pretty normal for Wednesday due to a weekly early morning meeting. I made it home for dinner and we managed to eat and get cleaned up fast enough that the kids and I went to the park. Heather had already left for a PTO meeting. After the park Cecilia picked Paw Patrol.
Gideon had me read the other one of his shark books while Cecilia continued working through her Princess Stories.

Thursday started a little more relaxed. The kids both got downstairs before I was ready to head out the door. I got home before they were back from swimming by just a little bit. They had apparently had a rough drive home, so the evening was a little tainted by that. Cecilia dragged her feet through the evening, making her shower after dinner instead of before it. Gideon picked Teen Titans Go and Cecilia only made it down for the very end.
Cecilia wanted a story from her princess book again from me. Gideon was done with his library books, but I’m not sure what we read instead.

Friday the kids ended the day very tired. I got home and they were already really tired. We watched some America’s Got Talent while we ate dinner, but they were too tired to finish the episode. Their bedtime show was a Paw Patrol that Cecilia picked. She had me read her the Red White and Blue book she got from the author that visited her class earlier in the week. Gideon read me Pizza Party.

Saturday we had house cleaning day. That went about as well as you’d expect with a kindergartner and a 1st grader. By bedtime the whole house was basically done, including the kids rooms. We didn’t do much else for the day though due to the time it took for the cleaning to happen. We did watch some America’s Got Talent during dinner before Gideon picked a show. I’m not sure what it was though. Gideon had us both reading Encyclopedia Brown stories. Cecilia had us read her new library book, the Gingerbread Baby.

Sunday we went to the park in the morning. The afternoon saw a bit of quiet time and a bit of “mom and dad time.” Basically, each child got to be with us one on one for about 20 minutes and got to choose what they wanted to do, for the most part. We also chatted with Grandma and Grandpa Nelson on Skype.Cecilia picked Paw Patrol. Gideon continued his stories from the night before and Cecilia cycled back to the Red White and Blue book.

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