TWB 68 – I’m too cold for clothes.

Monday I took Gideon to his first Cub Scout Den meeting. He was a little bummed out by the whole experience as we did an activity in the book which was interviewing and writing, versus an outdoor play style activity. He still is excited to do scouts though. I think he was just expecting the meeting to go a little differently than it did. We got home in time to catch the end of Cecilia’s Paw Patrol pick.

Tuesday I got home a little late from work after a day of meetings. This was actually a bit of a problem as Heather had a “Moms Next” meeting. It’s basically the follow-on to MOPS I guess. She ended up having to leave within minutes of my arrival, and the kids had not been all that keen on hurrying up and eating before she left. After she was gone we did manage to eat and go to the nearby park for a few minutes. Gideon picked Blaze for the nighttime show, and they each brought a book to read together as the three of us on our bed.

Wednesday I got home a touch late due to interviewing for a new team member, but it wasn’t too bad. It was a pretty normal night from what I remember and nothing really sticks out. Cecilia picked Paw Patrol again.

Thursday Gideon had a walking field trip around the neighborhood. He was a little bummed that Heather didn’t join them for lunch at the local park, but she couldn’t due to having dedicated time to their fun run the week before. He picked Blaze for a bedtime show.

Friday the kids had the day off school. Cecilia had tried to convince me that I couldn’t go to work the next day, but she unfortunately didn’t come out of that discussion the victor. Their grandparents came to watch them so Heather didn’t have to either take the time off or try to get them to have a decent day while she was working. The day ended very late, with the kids doing a wonderful job of spending 3 hours at Kohl’s (where I joined them after work) followed by a stop at Target before going to a restaurant for a late dinner. No show or stories, but then they were pretty much dead tired by the time we got home anyhow.

Saturday we tried to get a simple chore done around the house. This didn’t work very well for some reason. It was a simple put clothes away form a basket chore but it didn’t play out that way. They spent their time playing with each other and not finishing, so they didn’t get to do much for the day outside of the previously committed plans. That included a birthday party for Gideon and a family get together at a nearby aunts house for all of us.

Sunday we had a wedding to attend. We went to church in the morning since the previous days schedule interfered with our usual Saturday night service. After that we tried to get everyone showered and changed. We finished in time, took a family picture or two, and headed out for the wedding. There were some outdoor games there so the kids had fun after the service, and didn’t get to bored during the service. (It was a nice wedding, but they’re young kids.) We got home just in time for a show before bed with some very tired kids. Cecilia started to freak out at Gideon’s choice of Ninjago, so I quickly put her in our room with Paw Patrol instead. After stories we did take a little time to see the eclipse. Due to lat/long, terrain, time, and tired kids we didn’t see any discernible movement of the Earth’s shadow, but we did see the moon essentially at totality.

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