TWB 69 – I’m a wackadoodler.

Monday Cecilia didn’t want to wake up. I didn’t blame her though. My job requires a lot more interaction with people than I am used to from previous positions. As a poster introvert this tends to result in me being emotionally and mentally exhausted by the end of the week. This is partially from the actual knowledge work but also, more than you might think, due to the forced interaction with other people. Being as much of an introvert as I am I need the downtime away from interacting with people to recharge. Due to the family gathering and wedding I didn’t get much rest from people. When all was said and done the kids finished the day with a show and stories. I’m pretty sure the show was Paw Patrol.
Gideon had an Encyclopedia Brown story still ready and Cecilia, I don’t remember for sure what she had. Barbie and the Secret Door maybe?

Tuesday we went to the book fair at the school right after dinner. We like to encourage reading in the kids by picking out books at the book fairs and in the book orders that come home throughout the year. We did get back late and started Gideon’s choice of Wild Kratzz as he was coming down the stairs. Cecilia made it before the show got in full swing, but missed the pre-show roll that PBS has on it.
Gideon had each of us read him a new book from the book fair. Cecilia wanted her library book which was supposed to be returned last Thursday but was going back the next morning.

Wednesday started like any other day. It was the kids last day before fall break though. They also got to have Grandma come up to stay for a few days. This allows Heather to still work without us paying for the program at the school. When I got home I had Cecilia help order her Booster Seat now that she’s big enough. This is going to make moving the kids between different cars much than their current car seats. That said, their current ones, especially hers, aren’t actually all that hard to move around. The kids grandma showed up after dinner and we took Gideon to conferences. The last 5 minutes were for him to tell us how things are going. We got home and immediately started a nighttime show Cecilia picked (Paw Patrol, go figure) after which Grandma read to both kids, I read to Gideon, and Heather read to Cecilia.

Thursday the kids had to get up early even though they had no school. It was dentist day for them.I got home pretty late due to stopping at the store on the way. We watched some Amazing Race while eating dinner. Before long it was bedtime. Gideon wanted to watch Wild Kratz after which Heather’s mom and I read to him. Heather and her mom read to Cecilia.

Friday the nighttime show was Amazing Race time delayed enough so we didn’t have to watch commercials. They each got one story, Gideon from me and Cecilia from Heather.

Saturday Gideon and I went to his first Cub Scout camp-out. One of the pack leaders has a large property nearby. A 1.5 mile drive, and even less straight-line. It took place there and he had a wonderful time. He helped with setting the tent up and getting stuff to the tent from the car. He got to shoot a BB gun, probably the high point of the night, and showed me that he’s definitely gotten the introverted tendencies of his mother and I as well as her penchant for going to bed early.He did have a wonderful time though. I hear Cecilia had a good night with Heather as well.

Sunday morning Gideon helped get packed, but I did the tent without him while he had breakfast with the pack. He got to shoot a bow and arrow, again a high point of his day I’m sure. We re-joined Heather and Cecilia around 10AM, so not long into the day.We went for a hike as a family and dropped Cecilia off at Great Grandma and Grandpa’s house for the night. Then we did a long drive from there down to bring Gideon to Heather’s parents place. Her parents re helping out with the kids 2 week break so we could save money on day care.

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