TWB 70 – Even people in tornado’s.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night the kids were with Grandma and Grandpa. We don’t know a ton about what went on and how things went. We do know Gideon got stung by a bee, two spots I believe. Turns out he isn’t allergic to them.

Thursday the kids were back home. They got home a little on the later side. We watched America’s Got Talent together before I believe Gideon picked Wild Kratts. We also read stories with the kids. I believe it was Encyclopedia Brown and I Love You Forever for Gideon and Cecilia respectively.

Friday we watched Amazing Race as a family. Cecilia doesn’t like this one as much as America’s Got Talent, but we made it through. We also don’t do stories or a kids nighttime show on these days.

Saturday we went for a morning bike ride as a family. Gideon struggled with it a little more than usual, but I think there was more incline as well. We had a picnic Lunch before the ride and went straight to church after. Cecilia wanted to see a Paw Patrol after dinner.

Sunday morning we went to a fall festival. Cecilia didn’t last long in the Corn Maze until she was done with it. This was a little strange as she hasn’t had trouble with a Corn Maze before, and that was one of the primary reasons we spent money on tickets for the four of us.  We spent some time with the kids playing on the playground there, as well as taking a short wagon ride to the pumpkin patch and back. The highlight for the kids was really the ride on pedal karts. We learned a little of the layout and will have a better plan of attack if we decide to try again next year. After that it was lunch at Heather’s grandparents where we dropped Gideon off followed by a long drive to drop Cecilia off at Heather’s parent’s. This was the start of another four days without the kids around the house, the second half of their two-week fall break.

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