TWB 71 – Don’t you want to be a special Mario?

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night the kids were with Grandma and Grandpa. We don’t know a ton about what went on and how things went. We figure it was likely a bit of a rough week as there was a migraine shuffling around the household.

Thursday the kids were back home. I don’t remember who picked a show or what it was. I do know Gideon had me read to him from Eerie Elementary. I’m not sure what Cecilia had me read.

Friday Heather took the day off work. I had hoped to get home a little early, but things didn’t work out that way. We ended the day with Amazing Race as has become our Friday tradition for now. It didn’t really stick out to us, but Cecilia was less into it and more ready for bed than usual.

Saturday Cecilia was sick and stayed home in jammies all day. That means she missed her first swimming lesson. Gideon on the other hand made it to his. I had to take him as Cecilia was in a mode of wanting Mom. After spending a large chunk of the day watching America’s Got Talent we finally made it to the “Live Shows.” Instead of starting them Gideon and I went to church. After that Heather finally got to leave the house as I was starting to feel sick from lack of food and Cecilia needed someone to go get crackers. I stayed home with the kids and had dinner while Heather ran to the store. Cecilia fell asleep while Heather was gone, but woke back up when she got home. Cecilia had no story and her show was kind of Dirty Jobs which she fell asleep watching. Gideon got to watch the first episode of Star Wars Rebels. 14 more episodes or so and we can start watching them together as he’ll be caught up.

Sunday Cecilia was better. The kids started the day playing with Alexa which drives Heather crazy. After that they spent some time doing crafts, a decision they made on their own.This lasted essentially until lunchtime when everyone settled down, kind of, to watch the Broncos game. I headed out to a store after but the kids kept more or less watching. They also got toys and played in the room the game was on. We ended the night with some America’s Got Talent followed by Cecilia picking PJ Heros or something like that for a nighttime show. I read Give a Cat a Cupcake to Cecilia and a chapter from Eerie Elementary for Gideon.

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