TWB 72 – Rachel rhymes with wedding

Monday the kids were back to school. Gideon wasn’t getting up as I headed out the door, but he must have made it to class and back since I didn’t get any frantic calls about doctor visits. I made it home before the rest of them got back from playing at a park and we enjoyed dinner together after which we tried to get the kids helping out with cleanup. Gideon and I ran his butterbraid orders to the cub scout pack volunteer in charge of it and he picked Wild Kratz for a nighttime show. I missed my nightly writing assignments this week and as such don’t remember the details on stories. I’m also not 100% on the shows, but they’re probably right.

Tuesday the drive in to work was bad. The drive home was ok, but not great. I offered a deal to the kids. What if I left before they woke up but got home earlier? I was able to get them to agree to trying it out. After dinner Cecilia picked PJ Heros.

Wednesday I left early. Cecilia had slept on the floor and I saw her head poking in between the shades and the glass of the window to see me leave. I’m fairly certain the garage door opening about 2 feet below her head woke her up. So, Heather got to deal with Cecilia being up early. It turned out to work OK though. The drive wasn’t any good though. It was a rainy morning and the drive actually took a little longer than normal, even though I left a good 20 minutes earlier. I made sure to leave at 4 though. I couldn’t have the first day of the experiment show me getting home as late, or later than, usual. I played with Gideon some when I got home and after dinner he stuck with Wild Kratz.

Thursday the drive wasn’t much better in the morning. It was raining again, even harder. No kiddos showed up in the window this time. I had to stop at Costco on the way home this time. When I got home early this time Cecilia got to spend extra time with me. Cecilia decided on Bubble Guppies.

Friday we all watched Amazing Race. The day started with Cecilia again peeking out to see me leave. This time the drive is what I was going for with the earlier leaving time. It was basically effortless. I didn’t leave as early as I would’ve liked to come home though. When I did get home the kids were playing Wii U after having spent some time playing outside at a friend’s house. We had dinner while watching America’s Got Talent. Well, Heather and I watched. The kids had gotten their tablets after I got home and were not exactly engrossed in the show. They, or Gideon anyway, did pay more attention to Amazing Race. I attribute this to the time on their games having run out. We each read one story to one child and they fell asleep very fast after that.

Saturday Gideon picked Wild Kratz.

Sunday Cecilia picked Mutt and Stuff or something. It wasn’t very good even as kids shows go.

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