TWB 73 – Wake up fast.

Monday I had to sneak into Cecila’s room and kiss her goodbye before I left. Apparently I “always wake her up” so when she didn’t see me leave Friday it was a problem. The kids got to go outside for recess at school. Well, Gideon did. Cecilia didn’t have recess today. The whole half day K thing means she only gets it a few times a week. Last week they were stuck inside a few times and Gideon’s teacher said it was noticeable. I got home in time for the kids to start some free choice time, which meant they were both on their tablets. After dinner and some one on one time Gideon picked Ruff Ruff Tweet and Dave for a show.
I read Cecilia a story about the most fabulous doll in the world, or something along those lines. Gideon wanted to hear about Horton and his egg hatching abilities.

Tuesday Heather had her mom meeting in the evening. I got home in time to see Cecilia and Heather playing with Cecilia’s engineering set and Gideon get mad when his timer on the tablet ran out. We were finally able to calm everyone down for dinner and after nighttime routine was done we watched Mutt and Stuff or whatever that weird guy with the dogs show is. Well, the kids watched it. I didn’t. Gideon had brought Harold and the Purple Crayon home from the school library and Cecilia picked Gideon’s How To Train A Dragon 2 book. I suspect Gideon helped her out some.

Wednesday Heather and I had small group after dinner. Turns out we don’t need to leave as early as we did. Even trying to stretch it out the drive is barely 5 minutes. Heather’s parents came up to watch the kids while we were gone and everything seemed to go just fine. They were playing board games when we left but I’m sure they watched a show and had stories. They managed to both be asleep by the time we got there, but Cecilia was probably just barely asleep at that time.

Thursday was a fairly normal day, until there was an announcement over the loudspeaker during parent pick-up time of trick-or-treating at the High School that night. Suddenly the kids had a new activity they wanted to do. It resulted in the kids taking showers and eating with some haste so we could go to the High School for the trick or treating event. It took the place of a show and the kids enjoyed it. The High Schoolers seemed to enjoy putting it on as well. They both got two stories. I’m not sure what the stories were though.

Friday I forgot to bring my potluck contribution to work, and I got out of the house a little late. I got out of work late and there were three accidents on the route home. I also had to stop at Costco. It was a long day for me, but the kids had a fun day with Halloween parties at school and everything. We watched a little America’s Got Talent, the first results show, and then Amazing Race. Gideon had me read him Olivia goes to Venice while Cecilia had both of us read her Fancy Nancy and the Fabulous Fashion Boutique. I think Heather read Gideon Harold and the Purple Crayon.

Saturday started with some food prep. We had swimming lessons in the morning and took the kids to Home Depot’s Halloween event after. It was a tight schedule. Instead of church we did Trick or Treating, and Heather got to take the kids for essentially the first time. In this neighborhood a lot of people left their candy on the front step while taking their kids around. For us – I stayed home while they took the kids. When they got back Gideon and Cecilia spent some time handing out glow-sticks. Gideon also came in and asked me how to spell “just.” turns out he was making a sign for our bucket. They both played in the front yard handing out glow-sticks and throwing around the ones I accidentally activated trying to put the little bracelet connectors on them. Eventually we told them they had to either come in and start a show or keep playing and not get a show. We really didn’t mind either choice, but it was theirs to make. Gideon played a little longer but they both ended up watching the show. Cecilia picked Mutt and Stuff. No stories as it was quite late.

Sunday we went to church in the morning. It was a little rough getting out, even after the time change. This difficulty is part of why we generally do Saturday night. After church was a park, back for a meeting, and then the library. We finally got library cards at the local library. The kids stayed in the car for the next stop, a grocery store. No, not alone. I was with them. We got home and they wanted to play outside for a bit. As we were looking at likely the last 70’s Sunday for a while we let them. Dinner was not a bad experience and the kids started their show a little early. Gideon picked something. For stories Cecilia had me read her the Fancy Nancy she got from the local library while Heather read her the Strawberry Shortcake from the same. Gideon had me read him the Lego City book from there, but that was after a time of being very sad about the sponsor child he’s had moving out of the sponsorship program (Compassion International) due to a positive life change. It’s hard to explain that this is a good thing to an emotional 6 & 1/2 year old.

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