TWB Ep 15 – Another Car Repair

Monday night we dropped the van off at the dealer in Elk River. I know, it’s not close to home anymore. We trust them and they do good work though. We also got Sonic for the drive home.  When we got home Heather wasn’t feeling well but Cecilia really wanted to be with her, so the kids separated for show time. Gideon watched Handy Manny downstairs and Cecilia watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates upstairs.
With Heather practically asleep due to feeling sick the kids each got one story from me. Cecilia picked Pinkalicious Sleepover and Gideon picked the Grinch. I let them hear each others stories.

Tuesday after the Huisinga’s left Cecilia picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
It was a no story night though due to how late it got before the show was started.

Wednesday was a tough one this week. It was Cecilia’s first dance class day. I got Gideon home from the park later than planned, so dinner was delayed. That pushed the whole night back. After late showers Gideon picked Handy Manny.
They had to share reading again, Heather read them the Cars book from the schol library for Cecilia, and then Gideon wanted the same story again from me. Cecilia didn’t like this and went to her room mad, not getting a second story. She did get her pillow pet “fixed” though, so that made her happy. (I replaced it. Last time I fixed it because the broken wire was at the battery box. This time the break is inside the stuffed animal. I could rip the seams and fix the wiring, but repairing the seam after is beyond my abilities.)

Thursday I got home much later than expected. I only beat Heather and the kids by about 10 minutes, and they stopped at a park on the way. After our night, which was a little behind normal, Gideon picked Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I see now that it was actually Cecilia’s turn. I guess that’s not a big deal though as she did get done with her night routine late.
Cecilia had me read her the Weights and Measures book after heather read her something. Gideon had me start 500 Hats after Heather read him a different one, I think from the Suess book. He didn’t get to hear the whole thing though as after telling him three times to calm down and listen to the story I told him I was done and we would have to try again a different night. That of course led to an unhappy crying boy, but that does occasionally happen with young kids.

Friday I took the Huisinga’s kids home and didn’t see what the show pick was. It was Cecilia, so likely Jake or Doc McStuffins. They didn’t finish in time for any stories from Heather.

Saturday Heather wasn’t doing well. She spent most of the day resting. In the morning that meant the kids and I spent a couple hours at Elm Creek Park for instance. Anyhow, after two park trips and dinner watching America’s Got Talent – part of the first semi-final Gideon picked Handy Manny. (It is worth noting that When Mara started to sing Gideon said “I love this in my heart!”)
Gideon read some of the Tonka books with Heather, and Gideon did some of the reading! I didn’t get so lucky and read 500 Hats.
Cecilia was having trouble getting a story picked and kept just flipping through the Richard Scarry book pointing to pages that were little more than single or dual page collections of word/picture associations. The book has a few stories, but is mostly short other things. I’m not sure what she picked for Heather as I was trying to get through 500 Hats.

Sunday was a better day for Heather, though the kids didn’t move as quickly to get out of the house. Cecilia picked Handy Manny much to Gideon’s delight.
Cecilia had me read Old McDonald to her and Heather got to read Olivia, unless Cecilia changed her mind after I left the room.
Gideon had Scuppers the Sailor Dog ready for me. I’m not sure what Heather got to read him though.

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